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Tuesday, November 09, 2010


So I realised I haven't mentioned to y'all that Gray and I are going to start trying for a baby in January!

Back in October 2009 I had an 'oh my god my biological clock is ticking so loud I can't hear anything else' moment, crying all the time, you know the drill, right? We had a big chat and agreed that in 2 years time we'd be financially more ready to pop out a puppy, as at that point we were on seriously shaky ground, having just moved to Perth and started new jobs - in his case, his own business.

So, time passsed and we hit October 2010 running - G's business is doing really well and I have a good well-paid job, we've made serious inroads into our debts...all going to plan (eeep, you know what they say about the best laid plans etc!) so far.

So I thought to myself, it's time to get myself baby ready.

Gray and I had a chat early in October and 'firmed up' our plan.

The following week, a new girl started at work, a temp who's here for the next 4 months. On Wednesday night we were in the tearoom eating our dinner and I asked her how long she'd been selling aftercare.

She said 'oh for years, but this is just my day job - my passion is preconception and prenatal nutrition'

Well! You coulda knocked me down with a feather! Just when I decide I am 3 months from attempting to concieve, the universe sends me a woman who's MAIN PURPOSE IN LIFE is to help woman prepare to attempt conception.

My family have a history of miscarriages and stll births, including my own lost baby Cassandra, stillborn at 39 weeks 16 years ago.

I am 37 years old, so the ol' fertility has started its inevitable decline.

I asked her if I could speak with her confidentially (obviously I don't want everyone at work knowing my beeswax, innit), told her my situation and asked if I could retain her services and guess what she said?

'I don't charge.This is my passion and I feel that if I start charging for it, I'll lose my love for it. I also find that when I help people, money comes to me from other sources. Just pay for the products I recommend and I'll get them for you at cost price'

OMG. The universe is telling me this is the right time for us, can't you FEEEL IT!!!??

So last week, Gray and I started making the transition to eating organic foods, avoiding caffeine and booze and taking like a zillion pills a day - spirulina, liver tonic, something with selelium in it (Australian's are all selenium deficient because our country is so old there isn't any in the soil) and some other detoxingness, fish oil, vitaman d and zinc. We're goji berried and chia seeded to the bejesus.

Gray has been so amazing - he's jumped totally on board with me, quitting coffee and drinking, I mean WHAT a man. He's incredibly supportive and we're both so excited at the prospect of having a li'l bubba of our own..

Life's good, peeps.

So I figure all this organicness and eating boatloads of vegies will help heaps on my weightloss journey but I am starting tracking again from today to help make that true!

That takes care of the last week, but what about previous to that, I hear you ask?

The two weeks before THAT I was laid up - had my wisdom teeth out! Ooooooh poooor me, it hurted SO BAD!

So I went in on 28th October and I only ate solid food for the first time this Saturday just gone, was off work until Monday two days ago.

So that's where I have been and what's been going on!

There's been other funny stuff, had Gray's sisters and Auntie for dinner on Sat night which was mucho entertaining - nothing weirder than families hey?

Went to an engagement party on the 23rd that was just crazyfun. I was in the finest of fine form, gags a-flowing and entertaining the nannas and uncles etc aaaah don't you LOVE a night like that?

Had my sister Chloe over from Sydney, she's such a darling - she's just fallen in love with a fella 12 years her junior, so Gray and I have been beaten! Our gap is only 11.5 years! I come from a family of cougars (though I don't know that I like that term) - Mum is 8 yrs older than (step)Dad - 36 years together now, Lucy is 6 years older than Courtney - 15 years together, me and Gray of course and now Chloe too!

I think it's mainly because my step-dad Bernard totally healed our family.

Our blood father, who was older than mum, was a drug addicted, violent loser, so when Bernard came into the family when I was 18 months old, his peaceful nature, enormous capacity for love and his great abiding love for our mum was the thread that held us together.

So we saw how incredibly successful a relationship between a younger man and older woman can be and I guess it just opened our eyes to understand that calender age is an illusion, it's what's in your heart that counts.

I hope Chloe has found a keeper in Colin - she really deserves to be happy and has been lonely for so long.

Well anyway my dearest of dear sparkfriends, I have returned...thanks to those who went looking for me, I appreciate you all so much...

I'm off to get crackin' on trackin!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I don't know how I missed this but congrats! It seems the stars are aligning to give you the precious little baby you want! Now, make sure your manus wears boxers if he doesn't already! LOL
    3829 days ago
    I love this blog. Love love love. Yay for babies! Yay for supportive, on-board men! Yay for free prenatal care and advice! Yay yay yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
    3829 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6096849
    Stars are lining up for you friend! Things sound like they're on the up and up for you. Congrats, Lil Mama!
    3834 days ago
    Ohhh babies how exciting!! DH wants to start trying as soon as he gets back to Aus but not too sure that's an idea since we're still not great financially... I'll keep my fingers crossed for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy happy bubba for you!!!
    3835 days ago
    It certainly sounds like the universe is telling you it's time to make a baby!!! It's so great that Gray is on board to make the changes with you, i don't know too many men like that!

    emoticon emoticon
    3836 days ago
    hope u guys have fun with all the practice ;)
    3836 days ago
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