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Monday Morning

Monday, January 15, 2007

Well, I am back from a break due to the computer problems (had to reinstall Windows and duh, learned an important lesson about backing up my things on CDs FIRST . . . as I lost everything I had saved for a couple of years now--including my hubby's resumes--ack). I had to recreate them from hard copy, reinstall a ton of stuff, and get things back to normal. I think we are at 'normal' now. I hope.

I also did some serious backsliding over the holidays. We were out and about a lot and that made it hard to track food, so I kind of gave up on that routine. Not a good idea. And then, before I knew it, I was going whole hog once again--eating anything and everything. Sigh.

I knew I was in trouble when I started feeling yukky on the inside and out. I could tell I'd gained some weight back, I saw that my skin was breaking out, and no one could miss that my sleep patterns were once again in disarray. It is a paradox to me why doing what makes me feel good requires more willpower than doing what makes me feel terrible. Doesn't make sense!

Anyway, two days ago, I came back with the intent to re-read some posts and return some messages. Seemed that was all I needed to get my head turned around. I re-read the Part III Strategy (where I am, even though, technically, I think I should be moving on to Part IV by now). I am going to get back to the weight I last posted for myself (6 pounds over right now) and see where I am and THEN move on to Part IV if I think it fits by then.

The welcome (to the Community Team) post I read from Janice (who, on her Spark Page, shows she is at goal weight and--via her blog--is running and enjoying it) pulled me out of my slogginess. Reading about her progress--and joy--helped me to sit up, smack myself in the face a couple times, and start again on the path I want.

This morning, I awoke (naturally) at 8 a.m. (astonishing for me--who, as a retiree, can sleep as late as I want) and got dressed to take Hercky out for a walk at Brandywine. Fog was so thick on the way there (by car) that Hercky didn't jump around and squeal as he usually does when we start approaching the park. And, even though muddy in parts, we took our favorite trail and spent 90 active minutes getting a good workout. I feel great, my head is clear and my back is being agreeable. Had my planned breakfast and am ready for the day! Uh, Hercky is ready for his mid-morning nap. Heh.

Later--and thanks, again, Jan! Traveling again on the path of my choice!
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    Good for you. We are the only ones who can do it...for ourselves..one foot in front of the other, one baby step at a time, one sip of water at a time...one day at a time. BUT we can do this!!

    I , by chance, found Spark People in December much like I found you by chance. I think I found tyour blog when reading " inspirational quotes for the day"

    Here's my quote: "Quit stuffing your face and Face your stuff!!!"
    I read that in someone's AOL Journal and have tried to adopt it for myself.

    Good luck to both of us- altho we both know it is not about luck... you can email me at locustlea@aol.com

    You go, girl! KOKO
    5207 days ago
    Dale, again I am humbled by your praise. I am glad that my thoughts could help you get back on to your path. You can do this because you know how you feel when you don't. Please, let me know if you ever need a kind word or a helping hand. I'm glad you are back!! All the best.....Jan
    5223 days ago
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