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Ugh...bad weekend...(not much to do with food/exercise)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

This past Thursday, we had no fruit left in the fridge except a few Jonah Gold apples (which started out ok but quickly got that mushy texture I hate) and I had just used my last whole wheat roll up in a sandwich for lunch. My boyfriend and I decided we wanted a night off from our workout routine anyways so we would go to Costco and swing by my parents' house instead. Exciting Thursday night plans, I know!

So we're driving on this highway that goes from 3 lanes to two and always has a fair bit of stop and go traffic. We were stopped in some traffic before an exit when I hear Jeremy say "Oh no, oh no"...followed by squealing tires....followed by the crunch of being rear ended.

I was freaking out for a minute but tried to pull over to the shoulder so no one else would hit us. I could smell this terrible burning rubber smell (which turned out to be my bumper dragging on the rear tires cause it got pushed so far forward). After calling the police and trying to answer some questions, (they were asking whether to send an ambulance for people in either vehicle), we had no idea the condition of the person that hit us.

So we get out of my car and approach the car that hit us to see if they would need an ambulance. Both air bags had deployed in the car, the front end of the car was smashed, the driver side door was open and the car was still running.

The person driving the other car was nowhere to be seen...they literally had run across a three lane busy highway on foot. The police get there and they just keep asking us incredulously about whether we had seen the guy (in addition to whether we were ok).

Both cars are totally undriveable and the police have them towed to an impound lot and give me a card explaining how to get the car the following day.

My dad came and picked us up, we go to my parents' house for a couple of hours and get some dinner, try to figure out if we are ok and make calls to Jeremy's parents, my sisters and the insurance company.

We're pretty exhausted so around 9:30, my dad drives us to our apartment and we try to get to bed, still stunned from a trip to Costco turning into such an insane night.

The next day, we stop by the police department, get the release papers for the impound lot and it turned out the police report was ready. I was pretty surprised but it turns out the owner of the car was not driving. Her boyfriend was and when he got home on foot the previous evening, she made him call the police to give their information. He admitted that his license had expired (supposedly the reason he ran away) and that he had been speeding and admitted doing about 75 mph when he hit us.

Jeremy drove me over to the impound lot and both cars were there and looked no better in the light of day:

My car

Other car

Seeing the car that hit us in the light of day was pretty sobering since it really drove it home that the accident could have been so much worse. So far, we had been feeling mainly ok and the main issues were dealing with the damaged cars.

My one big concern is I had felt my lower back hit the seat pretty hard from the impact. It has been really tight and occasionally painful the last couple of days but nothing excruciating. So far it hasn't gotten worse but even today I had periods where it was really uncomfortable. I haven't been working out at all because I'm scared of aggravating it but I'm not really sure if it's an injury or just typical soreness after being in a car accident. Has anyone had this kind of experience? Should I give it a few more days or try to get an appointment to get it checked out right away?

Big Lesson of the Day: Always wear your seatbelt....especially after seeing the amount of damage to the vehicles in daylight, it made me so grateful that we always buckle up and hopefully the biggest issue with the whole situation will be the damage to the cars and not any injuries.

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    Go to the doctor!!!! I had my neck hurt in an accident where my mom was driving. She didn't get the other people's insurance (small fender bender) despite me telling her I was in pain and I didn't have medical insurance, so it was months of pain! You never know if you're really hurt until you get it looked at. Go to the doc and bill the other guy's insurance company.

    So glad it wasn't worse!!
    3829 days ago
    Oh my gosh, I'm so glad you are okay!! Totally scary and after seeing those pictures, it definitely could have been a lot worse.
    As for your back, I wouldnt exercise just yet. Ice it, and definitely get it checked out. You dont want to ignore pain from an accident and end up years later with an even bigger issue. BIG BIG BIG emoticon
    3830 days ago
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