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A Year on SP: What I have learned

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

What a year! If you had told me one year ago all the changes that would happen in the next 365 days, I wouldn't have believed you. I'd have asked what pharmaceutical you were using. And maybe where I could get some of the same.

Or I might have gone back to bed, and not gotten up for a year, too. It's a good thing Life happens one day at a time. Sime changes were great and some were tough.

I lost:
- my entire family,
- my life partner (that hurt even worse)
- my beloved Manx cat of 18 years (if you are an animal lover, you know this can be worse than loss of a person)
- my job
- use of my right ankle and left knee for periods of time
-sense of security with various cancer-related issues occurring

But... I also gained:
- freedom from a set of toxic, abusive people (ain't nuthin' better than that!)
- faith in myself to carry on, no matter what the outlook or odds
-faith in my ability to think quickly and act creatively (and FAST!)
- a healthy lifestyle to keep my weight and health under control, in spite of *everything* (now, that's freedom)

I learned:

-it's never too late to start a new chapter. Be who you always wanted to be. As long as you have a pulse, you can keep learning and start something new.

- Anything good you have been given is yours forever, even if the "anything/anyone good" has to leave physical form.... for now. They are in your heart forever.

- Making lemonade out of lemons can be really fun, and can lead you on new pathways if you have a creative and daring spirit. (Apparently, I have exercised one of those into being... and pretty glad about that.)

- And the converse: It's exhausting making lemon after lemon after lemon into lemonade. It would tax any sane human (fortunately, I am crazy). . But the alternative (sitting around moping) isn't very useful and won't manifest the life you want. So get a little crazy.

- Exercise does help when you are anxious. It helps when you aren't, too.

-I can exercise through nearly anything. I just have to modify a few things when this or that limb does not work.

-I can start every single day with oatmeal and blueberries. Really. They're good!

-Water is the coolest chemical compund on Earth - or anywhere else. It has the coolest properties that nothing else can compare with, and that's why we have life on Earth. Drink lots of it. It is pretty amazing!

-Make Spark Friends! There are some awesome people here!

- Some people will be there for you when things are down. There are some folks who will even hold your hand, let you cry, and .... sit in silence with you. Treasure them. They are gems!

- Some people will celebrate your successes with you, with absolutely no jealousy at all. They are jewels, too!!

-Some people will be both of the above. Hang on tight to these folks, and nurture them, too,, because they are rarer than unicorns!

-Have faith that you can reach a goal. This isn't a race. There is no time limit.

-Feel free to modify your goals. It's your life!

-There's no One, True, and Only Way to live Life. Trust the way that works for you. We're all different, and that is fabulous! It's ok to be different - you might just inspire someone else to be daring and creative.

-Enjoy your life. It's the only thing you truly possess, and it is yours for a short time.
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