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One small choice at a time...

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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Today, something hit me in the head - not a tap, but a BONG! Looking back, I think I've read it, heard it, seen it before, but it finally got into ME today! This morning, I fixed a quick breakfast for the kids of Pillsbury Toaster Strudels. The frozen kind you pop in the toaster. In the past, one box fed my two kids & I - two apiece. Well, today, when putting them on the plate, of course, I checked the calorie count - 190 EACH. Since I have been trying to get in more fruits (veggies are no problems, but I'm not a fruit lover), I took the second strudel back OFF of my plate, and got a crisp, colorful shiny apple out of the frig instead! Later, at work, someone had brought in sugar cookies. I picked up the package to grab one, and again, checked the calories - 190 for ONE cookie! So, I put the package down, and grabbed 13 almonds out of a little tupperware I'd stashed in my desk. Hey, I know these are little daily choices we make during this journey to healthier eating, but today was that ***BAM*** moment for me. I don't have to decide to ALWAYS do it all perfect! I can do it ONE SMALL CHOICE AT A TIME!! In the long run, I know I'll see the difference.

No more all or nothing for me!
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