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I just have to vent………….

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I know this is bad but, I just have to vent………….

As most of you know, the last few weeks have been crazy busy for me at work. We have had a lot of drug babies who have been born. These babies take much more work. They are withdrawing from drugs. The symptoms they have high temperatures, pain, things an adult would have. Because of the pain they become rigid they scream and cry. They also constantly poop & the poop is very acidic so it starts breaking down the babies’ skin. We give them morphine to help. It does help but not as much as it should. If you hold the baby when this happens, sometimes it helps them through the withdrawing. Most parents don’t even see what the baby goes through because they are at home enjoying life…. they should be required to stay with their newborn. Maybe then it wouldn't happen again.

Sometimes it’s so stressful to deal with them we take turns going into their room & holding them. Last week I was holding one of our drug babies for going on 1 hour, I had lost all my patience. Not with him, but his situation. I sat there in the dark ( they can’t handle any stimuli what so ever ), wondering if a mother couldn’t have the strength not to do drugs for 9 months, how will this woman deal with this little baby for the next 18 years. It makes me worry. Here we are healthcare workers, and very patient and at our wits ends. Will a mother doing meth, heroine, or even prescribed pain pills deal with this little guy? There was one time a mother had in vitro and was on a fentanyl pain patch, she had fibro mylasia. This was the worse newborn I have ever worked with.

My hubby & I adopted our daughter, who was a drug baby. It never dawned on me until last week, that as she was growing up she showed a lot of the same signs as these newborn babies. She was inconsolable. Time outs for her were never just a 5 minute affair. She was upset all day long. There were other things but that would be a book!

I guess my frustration and questions come in with the idea of, why would you put an innocent newborn baby through what they go through. How about this novel idea, you go through the withdrawal before you have a baby. Again, you couldn’t stop your drug use, for 9 months. How will you have the patience to deal with them for 18 years?

It just breaks my heart.
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    It's been several years since I worked in the NICU, but it was so hard to send certain babies home with their families. I just wanted to keep them there at the hospital with us where we could just pass them around and love on them forever. We had one mother who had 8-9 children, all publicly supported, of course and the mother would proudly tell everyone that she was working towards having 11 children as her own mother did. She would give them names like "Morning River Rain" and crap like that. She would make sure she always got her meal card for the cafeteria and that the Toys for Tots people had been contacted. Suspiciously, her babies all came right about the 26-28 week mark which would give her plenty of time to mooch off of the hospital. It was suspected that she was doing something to herself to induce labor. Not sure what that would have been exactly. Meanwhile, an acquaintance of mine with a PhD and a good job has had two failed in-vitro attempts. That is one of those unfair things I will never understand and will definitely ask God about when I get to see Him!
    3782 days ago
    Why indeed. I feel sorry for the children. We both know what kind of life they have to look forward to unless someone like you adopts them. Bless you for saving one of them.
    3827 days ago
    I recently saw an episode of the Doctors on this very subject.I knew things were bad with babies born with haveing withdraws,but man I sat and just cryed for hours after watching it, that someone could do this to an innocint baby. It makes me so mad,I mean if you are doing drugs you are not mature enough to be having the sex to have the baby,so cross the damn legs is what I have to say to those who do this.

    It can not be easy doing what you do,God bless you for having the patiences to help these litle ones.
    3836 days ago
    It is heartbreaking...this is why I can not work in a woman's center! Allnurses.com has a lot of support, I have found much needed guidance there with dealing with death. SP also is supportive, as you know :) You can never have too much support emoticon
    3838 days ago
    You're amazing for what you do. It does break your heart to see that and you are an angel for doing it.
    3838 days ago
    I agree that people should stop doing drugs before they get pregnant but think that they are not capable of properly taking care of themselves that they don't even think about their actions and how it impacts a baby forever. You are an amazing person. Sounds like these babies have the right person on their side. I always wondered if you could volunteer to help babies likes these. I never checked into it because someone said it was against privacy laws. Can people who are not in the medical field volunteer to help? Hope the venting helped!
    3838 days ago
  • SILLYHP1953
    You are one of the angels. Yes, the mother's should be there to see and learn and feel and hold them, and maybe get a glimmer of the consequences of their drug addiction. Do they let people volunteer in maternity wards to just hold babies?
    3838 days ago
    God Bless you.....

    3838 days ago
    I don't think those who do drugs think ahead. I think we need more education of the affects of drugs on babies given to these girls before they get pregnant. Bless you for the Love and Care you give to these tiny ones. Joy
    3838 days ago
    Bless you for being there for them when their parents cannot... or will not.

    3838 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/14/2010 1:06:45 PM
  • no profile photo CD7675529
    Very heartbreaking and thanks for bringing this to light. I would imagine that those who are on drugs, have no respect for themselves and their priority is searching for that next high. One would think that being pregnant would inspire one to do the right thing.

    Your daughter is very lucky to have you and your husband as her parents...

    emoticon emoticon
    3838 days ago
  • JULIE_1978
    Unfortunately, I don't think that strung out mothers are even in their right minds to fully consider what harm they are doing to the life growing inside them. I have seen a number of different TV shows that highlight different women that once they found out they were pregnant, they stopped cold turkey and did what they could to have a healthy baby. I feel terrible for those little babies, having been given such a hard start in life but they are lucky to have strong men and women to help them through the hardest part - the withdrawal. All we can do it pray that somehow, somewhere the parents will get some sense. Education via witness would be a great thing though I wonder if faced with a baby in withdrawal, how many more instances of parental homicide would we have to see on the news? Alison, you do good work, keep it up!

    3838 days ago
    I've never had to deal with an infant in withdrawal but I in teaching school for 30 years I've had numerous students struggling to cope with the effects of their parents drug and alcohol abuse. You're right. It isn't just something they have to get through immediately after birth. It's a life sentence. A lot os substance abuse arises out of ignorance and the hopelessness of poverty. These are things society can address. These children deserve it. You are amazing my friend. Take care of yourself.
    3838 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/15/2010 11:37:55 AM
  • SAMI199
    I worked PICU for years & I know what you are going through-it was bad enough to watch kids go through horrible accidents,watch them die fron diseases BUT to watch a child go all this for no reason other than malicious,preventable
    reasons makes me sick&breaks my heart. I usally am pretty understanding about substance abuse-but NOT when you use whie
    pregnant. You hang in there-burnout is a real concern-make sure you are taking care of you. God Bless you & your Family.

    3838 days ago
    Darlin you are a sweetheart. I had major migraines during my pregnancy and would not take anything because I was afraid to hurt my babies. I can't even fathom what mother's could be thinking by doing drugs. You and your husband are amazing people by adopting a drug baby. I know it can be difficult because I have seen a few of these children. I use to work in a school and it is so hard for them. All I can say is I am here to vent on when ever you need an ear. That frustration is not good to hold in and all you can do is keep those precious little ones in your prayers.

    emoticon emoticon
    3839 days ago
    I understand completely. In the last year, we had to babies that came in and died due to blunt force trauma. You have to be a sick mother humper to be killing babies, let alone your own child. In a slower pace, thats what those mothers were doing to their babies. God bless you and your husband... And GSP for punishing the Kos.
    3839 days ago
    It takes an angel with a heart of gold to be able to deal with this day after day. They are blessed with having had an embrace from a caring person like you. And as for your child. Wow, what a lucky kid she is.
    Warmest holiday wishes to you and your loving family
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3839 days ago
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