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Thursday, December 30, 2010

You CAN teach an old dog new tricks. Here is a good one!!!

I went to a restaurant the other night for dinner. It was a restaurant that I hadn't been to in a couple of years, and the menu included calories on each of the items, not on a separate sheet like some others I know of. Well, I have never been one to let the knowledge (or lack of) calories stand in my way before - (it's the out of sight - out of mind mentality), but after joining SP in late October, all that has changed. I was very aware of this and made my choice for dinner (a Shrimp & Crab Louie Wedge Salad w/o dressing) according to their information. I felt in control!!!

Deep in the Obama health care legislation is a law that now requires chain restaurants (with more than 20 or more outlets) to acknowledge the calorie counts of their foods. Now whether you are for or against the health care legislation (and/or Obama) is not the issue here. What is important is that with this legislation, food establishments are forced to educate us so that we can make more intelligent choices. Whatever works, it may be this law that will help eliminate obesity in America. One can hope . . .
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    I'm glad that we have this info now.
    3809 days ago
    I've never been to a restaurant that discloses nutritional information! I wish they all had that!!! (maybe coming soon!) I look some up online, but I don't eat out all that much either. Anyway, Good for you!!!!!!! Staying aware of what you're doing is the biggest part of it for me. Thanks for the encouraging blog! :)
    3815 days ago
    One of our local counties already enacted a bill requiring calories to be listed. I now refuse to eat in restaurants that dont have calorie counts available somewhere. It is all about knowledge. I still sometimes choose a less healthy option but I know now what I am putting in my mouth!
    3825 days ago
    All restaurants MUST give the calories - it only makes sense. None around here do but they should!! emoticon
    3825 days ago
    I didn't know this ws in the bill.
    great. Thanks for the heads up.
    3826 days ago
    Several restaurant chains have put together healthier menu sections - IHOP and Bob Evans come to mind.
    I think they should always include nutritional info on all selections. Have you noticed that Applebee's will put calories but not sodium. When I asked about how much sodium was in one entree, the reply I got was "Why do you need to know that?"
    Spark People has helped me become a more mindful eater, both at home and when out.
    3826 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8700328
    I've never been to a restaurant that had the calorie count on the menu, that would be a blessing. When it's a chain restaurant I look up information online, to help pick a healthy choice. Other than that, I just do the best I can.
    3826 days ago
    I've seen heart smart and weight watcher points listed, but not calorie counts. I am looking forward to having that information available. In the meantime, I will continue, as much as possible, to seek information online before I go. Knowledge is power.

    I think we all need an approach to the non-franchise restaurants, though. (I like to support local business.) I like the idea of asking for a box at the outset and placing half of your order in it to take home for a later meal. Also, I think we need to develop some intuition concerning preparation methods, obvious ingredients, and general appearance (shininess could indicate added fat, for example). The biggest thing is to pay very close attention to satiety. When you are full, stop eating! (Such an obvious point, but one I miss more often than not.)
    3826 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5971075
    I try really hard to only go places where I know exactly how many calories are in items. I am sometimes shocked and dismayed when I see how much is in something simple like a salad! emoticon
    3826 days ago
    When I go out which is very rare I am going to a restaurant for a particular menu item, and calories or not calories I will have the item, just be more careful about eating it all. This may well be the only thing in that monster of a bill that is good.
    3826 days ago
    I think whether or not they have 20 or more outlets restaurants should put nutrition info on they're menus, most places only run off one kind of menu to begin with so why not include it. Whether the info is on them or not a lot of people will choose the bad choice anyway unless you're like us and are watching for those calories, fats and so on. But at least you might stop and think "oh my does that have that much maybe I should look at another option "
    I think it's a great start though emoticon emoticon
    3826 days ago
    one would hope that everyone will really look hard at those calories instead of just mindlessly eating.
    3826 days ago
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