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Higher Mileage = Lower Maintenance?

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Since winter rolled around I have not been faithful at getting my walking in, and I gave up on the c25k running program in the late fall. I could blame the weather of course, but we all know the value of excuses- about as helpful as a hole in the bottom of our water bottles!

I have stuck with at least some kind of exercise, but without my walking and getting to the gym regularly (which I generally walk to) my fitness minutes have been much lower than they had been, and in conjunction, I do not eat as well. Surprisingly, I have managed to stay healthy through the winter, despite my usual tendency to develop colds that turn into long, drawn out, miserable sinus infections. I always got these in prior years despite the fact that I stayed indoors and fairly secluded, so I am mentally connecting a year's worth of fitness and better eating to better health and immunity.

That said, I am getting back out there! I am bundling up and braving the cold, and when that is just impossible, I will tackle the treadmill at the gym, boring as it is, because I have increased my mileage on the fitness tracker from the standard 10 miles per week to getting in 15 miles of walking each week. My goal is to meet or exceed this mileage at least 50 of the 52 weeks this year!

In addition, I have decided that any time spent riding the stationary bike (which is optional) will be added to my minutes, but not to my miles as I have done in the past, and when it starts to warm up and I do not have to have so much on to get out there, I am going to get back to the c25k program. I will begin this on or before my son's 19th birthday on March 13- I want a definite date just so I do not keep putting it off.

The reason I want to do this is because walking is something that I thoroughly enjoy. It gives me time to think, or not think, to ponder, reflect, take in the beauty around me, find quiet and peace, and just relax. I can listen to music, podcasts with spiritual messages, or just enjoy the silence. By increasing my mileage, I give myself something to work towards, a continued challenge that is still very reasonable and possible.

Each week that I reach my 15 miles, I will get a new song for my iPod. For each month that I reach my goal 100%, I will get myself:

January- new walking shoes
February- new dress shoes
March- new outfit
April- new smart phone
May- hair cut/styled
June- new outfit
July- new book
August- eye appt/contacts
September- new outfit
October- new movie
November- new wii game
December- new outfit

2010 was a much healthier and happier year than 2009 thanks to my new lifestyle and my new friends here on SparkPeople. I am going to keep working hard to make 2011 even better and I look forward to spending it with all of you!! Thank you everyone for all of your love and support!
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