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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Some of you know that I am a little trickster and pretty good at it, too. Others of you foolishly think I am sweet. A few years ago, I convinced my daughter that Greer's Ferry Lake was infested with anacondas. I concocted a big story and backed it up by doctoring a Game and Fish newsletter by adding an "Anaconda Alert." That was the funniest summer.

This week I have been at it again. The MOST fun I have had this year is at work. I will eventually be in some hot water over this one. I got this butterfly in a jar for Christmas. If you want to see it, look at this website. www.gemmy.com/butterfly-
There are photos and a short video if you so desire to watch it. The butterfly looks real. She has a really teensy little wire attached to her, that you can barely see. It is hooked to the battery pack in the lid of the jar. I flutters around the jar.

Monday was our first day back at work. I told this big story about catching this monarch butterfly on Christmas day when it was snowing. By the way, her name is Mona. Mona Monarch. I went on and on about how she should be in Mexico by now and blah blah blah. Then I "had this idea" and said, "I know what! I will bring her in tomorrow, so you can see her!" For 2 days all of the people I work with, save 1, have been convinced that this is a real butterfly. This one gal caught on right away, but she is keeping mum and enjoying the ride.

This one guy has asked me several times, in a voice that sounds like an intervention, "Rhonda, how about we set the butterfly free." They are so worried that is is not getting enough air. It is going to starve. It is going to die in this jar.

One of my best friends picked the jar up. I should be busted now, right? What does she say? Why is that wire in there? I told her that I put it in there for the butterfly to land on. Why not a stick? Because the butterfly cannot fly around with a big ole stick in there. Oh my GOSH! I could hardly keep my face straight, but she bought it.

Another girl in the office spent about 10 minutes today with her nose pressed to the jar. She is very concerned because the wire is stuck to the butterfly now. ROFL! I told her it would be okay. But she is really concerned that the wire is hurting the butterfly.

What do I feed it another one asks? Karo syrup. I put it in an eye dropper and hold it down in the jar. Mona flies up and feeds off of it, like a flower. When do I feed her? When she looks hungry, of course.

Can you BELIEVE I have pulled this off for 2 days? Never in my wildest dreams did I think I was that dadgummed good! This one lady decided today that she was going to put it in a bigger jar. I was very worried then. She was in the back digging through stuff looking for a big 2 gallon plastic container that has disappeared. She thinks we should get an old aquarium to put her in it.

You know that I might not survive the stoning that I will get when all of these people figure out that I have been fooling them. I am wondering how much longer they will believe it and how much longer I can not fess up. I am torn. I am just dying to see how long I can carry this off, and I am just dying to see their faces when I tell them that it is not a real butterfly.

One thing is for sure, I have not had this much fun in years! ROFL ROFL

Happy Days!
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