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Not a Flapper

Friday, January 07, 2011

So I got this wii over my vacation break, and I am still exploring it. One of my best friends (happen to work with her) is contemplating purchasing wii fit plus, so she is always asking me about it. Today, I tell her about the wii exercise where your mii dresses up in a bird outfit and flies from target to target. I did this little demonstration for her.

Then, in an effort to get a laugh, I told her it was fine until I started drinking. Then I was flying backwards . . . like this . . . as I start to demonstrate. Then I fall backwards, trip over my own feet, and bust my backside in front of co-workers and 1 student. I am definitly not a flapper! After I recovered, I got the giggles and could not even get up for laughing. I think they might have me committed, and they don't even KNOW about the butterfly yet!

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