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Drastic measures undertaken here...

Monday, January 31, 2011

Hello. I am taking drastic measures. I have never been on a diet in my life. Never. Not once. I've only ever tried to live a healthier lifestyle, make better choices, you know? And I cannnnnootttt seeem to loooose this frickin weight while taking the 'softly softly' approach - I am TOO kind to myself, give myself too much leeway.

Tick tock goes the wedding clock and the biological clock ticks right along with it. So I have started yesterday a new program my BFF gave me.

It's a high protein low carb low fat type affair. My BFF has lost 12 kgs in 12 weeks on it and that's pretty much the length of time I have and amount I want to lose - my first wedding dress fitting is on April 11th and I really want to be under 80kgs AT LEAST by then. I weighed in at 87.1 this morning.

I don't really approve of these highly structured diet type things because they don't seem to work in the long run but I'm hopeful that after I've dropped the weight for the wedding I will be able to maintain the loss with the help of Sparkpeople!

So I am on DAY TWO of the three day kickstart. Actually I'll reproduce my friend's email here which outlines the program in case anyone's interested!

Here it is:

When to start?

Best to start this on a Monday, so you can always have Sunday as a blow-out day and Mondays are always protein only days. This is the pattern. You peak your carbs on a Sunday, starve the carbs on a Monday and your body will restart and you don't go crazy eating like an angel every day which is just plain unachievable long term.


First three days is carb detox so is as follows (starting on a Monday);

Protein only, 6 times a day, once every three hours.
Easier than it sounds.
3 x Main meals 100grams of protein
3 x Snacks 50-100grams protein

Just think, it is three days and it will end. Be strong, I know it is hard, I was HANGING for a vegetable everyday but just pushed through. You can have sauce or dip with the protein but just a teaspoon or so.


Must have a minimum of 2L of water every day- irrespective of other beverages, water is counted seperately always and you will find yourself being thirstier anyway.
Tea and coffee fine, no sugar, light milk, try to limit dairy overall so no iced coffee.
Diet softies fine but not great for you and aspartame will make you feel hungry and fatigued so avoid too much. However, you will be hanging for a sweet hit of some kind as your body blows out the sugars/ carbs in the blood. It might do more harm than good if you aren't careful but one glass or a mini can of diet drink is fine and will be a welcome change for your taste buds trust me.
Tip- avoid alcohol for at least 4 weeks to give yourself a good kick start

Exercise minimum 6 days of the week

The idea here is 10,000 steps over the day
This is roughly 1 hour of walking if you did it in one hit, but if you move around a bit at work, you can just try to do a minimum of 1/2 walk. He recommends one half hour block and the rest is incidental. Just move. Shopping, vacuuming, washing, playing with the dog, just move more.
Exercise is not encouraged to be strenuous as the lack of carbs will mean you will tire easily and potentially build muscle when you want to be 'lean'. So cross trainer is fine every other day but maybe just stick to walking on the off days. Just fast enough to hold a conversation. He really doesn't recommend anything harder, actually he prefers you don't. The whole program is about rebuilding the engine and the way you burn food overall without killing yourself at the gym or even counting every calorie you eat.

After carb detox

Yay! You will be LOVING vegies by now.

Protein, 6 times a day, once every three hours.
3 x Main meals 100grams of PROTEIN + complex/ simple carbs but only as directed
3 x Snacks 50-100grams PROTEIN ONLY

Simple carbs

Bread, cereal, fruit must only be consumed as part of your brekkie and you MUST have it with the 100grams of protein.
MAX one piece of fruit, toast and about 1/2 cup of cereal.

Invest in a good protein powder (Boomers Isowhey Isolate is best) so you can have smoothies- I can give you recipes. Or mix with milk to have with cereal.
Alternatively, invest in good bread and have one piece.


You can have as much of most complex carb vegies as you can with any of your main meals.

Avoid all potato, pumpkin, sweet potato.
Limited to 2-3 times a weeks and only 1-2 Tbspn, corn, pulses, peas
Loads of all green veg and more water based veg, broccoli, tomato, zuchinni, lettuce, carrot. Think water based and you will be fine.


Whatever you touch now you must only look at carbs, forget fat, calories bla bla bla- just carbs.
Tip- Rule of thumb is LESS than 10grams of carbs per 100grams NO MATTER WHAT YOU EAT.

All lean meats- chicken, fish, kangaroo, pork, whatever, just keep it lean, bake or grill
Cold cuts - ham, roast beef, bbq chook (skin off), kangaroo sausages are great too (kanga bangas)
Little tins of plain or flavoured tuna
Boiled eggs
Protein bars -yummo. I have this at night for a sweet treat.
Tip- Aussie Bodies HPLC bar only, highest protien count, lowest sugar, carb count.

Generally, be prepared, have it all good to go in the fridge for the week ahead.
Tip- I usually have a good stash of shaved ham, maybe a bbq or roast chicken, some kanga bangas and portioned grilled chicken.

With snack, just a handle of ham or chicken will be roughly 50-100g. You CAN have a spoonful of dip or sauce with it too which is a great treat and tasty.
Tip- I usually have some home made hommous with some shredded chicken or shaved ham.

Eating every three hours

This is integral but you can be a little bit flexible. I stick to 7am brekkie, snack at 10, lunch at 1pm, snack at 4pm, dinner at 7pm, snack at 10pm.
Yes you MUST have protein snack at night after dinner.
Do the best you can
If you are hungry and you may well be, that's fine, you can have protein every hour (less is best, bite of a snag etc) but you will discover that you will never really be hungry outside of meals and snacks cos protein is more satisfying anyway. I have never been hungry.

Blow out day (Sunday)

Just do everything the same EXCEPT you can exchange two of your MAIN meals for WHATEVER THE HECK YOU WANT. Pizza, pasta, whatever.
You will actually find you might only either have a few drinks over the weekend and stick to everything else as normal or just have a bit of pasta. I don't really go ALL out cos I just actually drink more over the weekends anyway but the thing is -

You HAVE to have BLOW-OUT SUNDAY because

Typical day for me

Always 2-3L water

7am Poached eggs (2= 100g) on toast with sliced tomato and hommous
Tea with soy milk

10am Coffee and soy
Shaved ham (abt 50g)

1pm Tin tuna (95g) with steamed broccoli, tablespoon chickpeas and corn combined, diced tomato, spring onion, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and a splash of olive oil (favourite)

4pm Tea and soy
Kanga banga (really lean and about 80g) with a bit of sauce or just on its own

6pm Walk an hour

7pm Diet lemon cordial and ice
Grilled chicken caesar salad minus croutons and with grilled shaved ham (yes, you can have the good dressing as it's lower in carbs but not too often)

10pm 1/2 a protein bar
Hot cup of Ekko (caffeine free drink)


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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    that sounds like sooooooo much work. i get why you're doing it though. here's to stickin' to it and bein' under 80kgs, you got this!
    3748 days ago
    Sounds an awful lot like Atkins diet... though they don't give you a splurge day... (and even with my self-created diet, I don't give myself splurge days until I am "there") It does sound VERY complicated... does it make it harder to stick to being just so... specific in what and exactly how much and at what time? Just do me one favor... if it doesn't work for you, just keep trying something else until you come across something you can stick with permanently. Sometimes switching things up is what it takes to break through a weight loss plateau anyway. :) Good luck!
    3755 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6096849
    Sometimes when you have a big prize ahead of you, you gotta go all out. This sounds like it will certainly keep you satiated so I say go ahead. And if your pal had success with it, why not try it yourself? You can do this because I know you really want to look smashing when you meet your groom. You got this lady!
    3756 days ago
    Kanga banga?????

    sounds drastic for sure... but as long as it's short term, then i think it'll be okay!

    3756 days ago
    Good luck with the kick start, as long as it's just a short term thing I think you'll be ok, and be under 80 in time for your wedding... Just make sure you keep up the strength training so you stay nice and toned!
    3756 days ago
    emoticon I wish you success!
    3756 days ago
    This sounds drastic indeed, but I know it works for a definite period of time, and it will definitely kickstart you. I have lost lots of weight on a dukan diet (very similar) after the birth of my son, I had a job interview I really wanted and needed to look healthy and professional (aka not just post pregnant LOL) and I lost 10 kilos in 10 weeks. After, not so much.... But I did not switch to a healthy diet and was fed up, so I gave up
    3757 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/1/2011 2:20:04 AM
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