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I have a bone to pick with sparkpeople!!!!! Rant of the day.

Monday, February 14, 2011

OK, this drives me crazy, and it would drive you crazy too if you were a slow runner like I am.
Right now, my pace is usually between 12-13 minutes per mile. But it is RUNNING. Always RUNNING. Never WALKING. Never RUN/WALKING. ! How come when I enter my fitness, and I put my miles and time into the fitness tracker, Sparkpeople logs it as walking.

I realize that I'm slow. Right now, VERY slow. But I run, I don't walk. In fact, I'm so slow that run/walkers fly past me when they are on their running segments and I catch them when they are walking. But, for crying out loud, I am NOT walking, I am running and I wish that Sparkpeople would recognize that. It's enough to keep me from being on here - as if I am doing less because I am doing it slower.

It is my fault - I am 10 pounds heavier since last October, and I am not fully recovered from my injury, so I have to go slow. But it really pisses me off that the tracker on here just assumes that I am walking when I am not. I am working my ass off and RUNNING.

Who knows whether I'll ever be fast again. I hope so, because this slow stuff takes FOREVER.

I don't really want to her "At least you're out there doing it." I hate that phrase, it's condescending and rude. Makes me seem like less of a runner because I don't go as fast as everyone else.

I'm slow. I know. I hate it. If I could go back and undo my initial injury, I would. But I can't.

If I could figure out the "magic formula" for losing weight, I would. I used to be able to do it, and now I can't. I just can't do it any more. It doesn't matter how much I eat or how little I eat. It doesn't matter how much I exercise. I keep gaining weight no matter what. And, that's keeping me slow...it's a lot harder to lug around 162 pounds of ass than it was when I weighed 152. Short of liposuction, I don't think there's anything I can do...

So there it is...


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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I wandered upon your blog by searching "stress fractures" because I'm just now starting to run again after one in my fibula. I know how you feel. I had a run yesterday and felt SO FRUSTRATED because it was SO hard to run SO slow. I logged my fitness and the site stated I'd hardly burned any calories at all, even though I'd just ran 3 miles in molasses. I was so tired I was DYING. Oh well!

    Renee :)
    3507 days ago
    I also agree with you that it very frustrating. I am going to start manually entering mine to keep from getting discouraged.
    3735 days ago
  • LAURIE5658
    I manually enter my running info from my garmin. I put in my time, distance and calories burned.
    3735 days ago
    I KNOW!! I HATE THAT THING!! I'm a slow runner too...11:30-12:00 min mile for distance races...what is the matter with SP? They should change that.
    3735 days ago
    Finally, I meet another slow runner. I Don't let anyone make me feel less than a runner...or more than an athlete! :). I don't run for anyone or anything....I RUN FOR MYSELF! Do you know how many people watch you running and say to themselves "I wish I could do that!". I know, I was one of them:). You're doing great...and remember...RUN FOR FUN AND RUN FOR YOU!
    3741 days ago
    I'm sorry Molly- I'm with Erin- enter it manually and maybe go as far as sending an e-mail to add 13 min miles or start a petition-LOL.

    And I can really relate to the difficulty of loosing weight, accepting to be heavier and slower at running and not 100%... all those things get frustrating!

    Honestly though, do not let something like that keep you away from a great community- we'd miss you!!!

    3741 days ago
    This is reason #19074672964 why I bought a BodyMedia armband (essentially a BodyBugg), because I didn't believe what the machines, trackers and online thingies told me - AND it doesn't insultingly insinuate that I walked when my ass was RUNNING. Now I add it as a custom entry based on what my armband says. My armband doesn't judge me for being snail-slow. :D
    3742 days ago
    I agree with you I've been frustrated by this before and it is also really hard to figure out interval training like C25K. What I do is I use a tracker on my phone and then enter the calories and everything in based on that. When I did interval training I would go to Self.com and use their calories burned calculator. I would figure out how much I ran and get the calories for that and then how much I walked and then add the calories together. Now I have fixed this for myself but I also figured that if Spark is telling me that I am burning less calories that I really am then it can only do me good.
    3742 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9308136
    Have you used the fitness map? If you go to the healthy lifestyle tab, go to fitness and scroll down you can find the, If you run outside you can track where you ran and enter the time.Or do you run on a treadmill? Apologies if that's what you're already doing.
    3742 days ago
  • KAZ814
    I've been irked by this too! When I jog, I want it to say jogging, not walking. Both my feet are off the treadmill - I want the credit.
    3742 days ago
    Yeah, my pet peeve is that you can't enter exact times into SP and it always rounds my time down. I'm slow right now coming off the marathon and babying a possible injury... so, no I do not want to see SP round my time down even slower!
    3742 days ago
    I agree with everyone else, you should just manually enter it in. I found this website that lets you calculate it for your weight/speed. It has 5mph which is a 12 minute mile.
    Here is the link.

    I am lucky enough to have a bodybugg which tells me how many calories I burned while running. Don't worry about your slow pace because I am right at a 12 min mile too!
    3742 days ago
    You should totally enter "custom" workouts into your tracker. You can type RUNNING in big capital letters, and then manually enter your calories. Shoot, if you don't have a HRM, then you can use the same calories spark would tell you was your walk/run or whatever. But just to rub it in the trackers face, it'll say RUNNING. ;) And you can save that to favorites, so next time, you just choose it from the drop down, and you are good to go! No walking here!
    3742 days ago
  • MOMMEG327
    I completely agree. I sometimes do a similar pace and HATE not being able to find a 13 min per mile run. I understand your frustration. When I find myself in this position, I just manually enter my calories based on my miles and past experience. It may not be 100% accurate but at least I don't have to log it as walking. Maybe this is something you could (or all of us could) point out to SP so it gets added!!
    3742 days ago
  • -CORAL-
    I agree wholeheartedly. Spark really needs to add an option in the map asking whether it was Walk, Run, or Walk/Run, not just assume we are walking really fast! It's very irritating.
    3742 days ago

    I get home so proud I did 9 miles and the thing tells me I walked. OKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY

    Lol... but we know what we did. ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) We know two feet were off the ground. :-)

    3742 days ago
    That's really annoying, I'm sorry. I avoid it altogether by logging everything manually (Sparks way overestimates my caloric burn anyway). I have my own generic "Running" cardio type and I enter my minutes and my calories burned - Sparks can't make any implications about my speed or whatever else. There's just no reason for any "judging" of any sort when it comes to doing good things for ourselves!
    3742 days ago
    I have the same pace and it's definitely running and not walking. I would like to see someone walk 12 minute miles...those would be some fast legs! I agree with you!!!
    3742 days ago
    when you go to the fitness tracker, type in running and it will give you several choices. One of them is a 12 minute mile pace that logs in as running/jogging. I use that one in my tracker and it keeps my timing pretty accurate.
    3742 days ago
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