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I QUIT the 2nd Job!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

I put in my 1-week Notice at the bar. I still have to work this Saturday, Sunday & Monday, and then THAT'S IT!!!

Told the bar boss, that is was taking it's toll on me, my vehicle and causing me not to be fully "here" at my Day Job-which is ultra important, especially with only 4 more years until I retire.

People ask me, "Oh my gawd, Debie, what will you do with all that 'spare' time"?
Here's my answers:

Here's my To-Do List:
-SLEEP more than 2-3 hours a night
-Finish putting my house back together
-Get myself to the gym again
-Re-training on the bicycle for that 10K.
-Want to recapture my hot and sexy toned body
-Involve myself once again in SP and be here for myself and others
-I'd like to go on a scuba diving vacation, sit on the beach, sipping tropical drinks with umbrellas in them.
-Have the freedom to take the bike out and go for real weekend rides
-Seriously start back to school this fall semester and work towards Masters
-Be able to watch a movie from beginning to end, without falling asleep

...and finally....
-Have the chance to not only date, but have a real relationship

The picture attached, is me with a couple of great friends, celebrating an non-drinking New Year's Eve dinner....I'm on the far right.

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