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Bikini pics! Help!! and 130?? Wha What???

Thursday, February 24, 2011

So I did not want to get to crazy about it yesterday as it could have just been a fluke weigh. I have been between 131 and 135 just going back and forth for a longggggg time now. I just guessed that at the amount of exercise I was doing plus I was gaining a lot of muscle this was where my body was comfortable. Well I weighed myself again this morning just to see and well I am still at 130!! Yay!!! Now I hope that this vacation doesn't kill it. The good thing is I know I have to be in a bathing suit at least 50% of the time so that will really keep my mindset in the right place. So speaking of bathing suits....

I do not have my sisters or my friends to ask for advise anymore sense we moved and well my hubby just says "yeah that looks good" haha not an opinion. I took some pics in some suits I have had for years and never worn and was wondering if you guys would tell what you think look the best. We are our own worst critics and well having some outside help I think will help!

Alright so now for number 1 -

I have had this one for maybe 10 years and the only one I have actually worn..haha

Number 2

This one is really close to my skin color so I am not so sure this will work.....

Number 3

This one pushes in to my hip fat a little making it a little bulgy.....: (

Number 4

This is one my hubby just got for me so I am taking it for sure! Just thought it would be nice to have more then 1 to take sense we will be there for 2 weeks.

That is it. I know this is kind of weird and I almost did not post. Who wants to post pics of you in a bathing suit??? Yuck! haha Thanks to everyone who comments and helps! I REALLY appreciate it!
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