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Lost even an OUNCE? Do this to SEE what you've lost!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Many years ago, I worked for Weight Watchers. I had lost 70lbs. on their program and thought that working for them would keep me on track. I was one of the ladies that weighed folks each week. I heard a lot of cheers and a lot of excuses at the scale each week. One memory sticks in my mind:

I remember a woman coming in and being extremely upset because she had only lost one pound. "One pound! That's it? I worked so hard this week, and all I lose is a lousy pound? Why am I even doing this?!" I looked at her and said: "Think about it this way. The next time you are at the grocery store, go over to the dairy section and pick up one pound of butter. One pound might not seem a lot to you when you are at the scale. Picking up that pound of butter makes you SEE what you've lost. You've lost that fat from your body. One pound is pretty amazing. You ARE amazing!"

I was looking forward to stepping on the scale this week. I'd worked my tail off last week. I'd stayed within my calories, worked out HARD every day, had all of my water, slept well, had a great attitude, etc. What did I lose? .2 pounds was all the scale said I had lost. At first, I was REALLY upset at my stupid scale. All of that work and I only lose a lousy .2 of a pound? You've got to be kidding me! Then a voice in my head said: "Go pick up something that is .2 and SEE that that amount isn't on your body any longer." I went straight to the kitchen, and measured out some grated cheese that weighed .2 of a pound. I SAW what I'd lost. I felt much better after that. It may be only .2, but my knees, back, and hips aren't carrying that around any longer.

I challenge you TODAY to SEE what you've lost so far. I'm a team leader on another weight loss site, and I issued this challenge last year. I had a team member write me the sweetest letter after she took my challenge. She had lost over 40lbs. over the last year with dedication, eating right, exercise, and tons of hard work. She read my challenge and went to the grocery store that morning. She put into her empty shopping cart 40lbs. of potatoes and pushed it around the store for 5 minutes. When she finished, she was close to tears. She realized that she had been carrying around all of that weight and it made her so proud of herself for taking it off.

Even if you've lost ounces, I want you to SEE what that feels like. That weight isn't on you any longer. You can do this at home, work, the gym, or at the grocery store. Just pick up something that weighs what you have lost, no matter the number. It could be an ounce, or pounds. SEE what you've taken off of your body. Every little ounce lost counts. Don't underestimate yourself. YOU ARE A WINNER! YOU CAN DO THIS!
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