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Vacation, pics, fun, and a Tsunami! ~Warning this is going to be long! : )

Monday, March 21, 2011

So this has taken me forever to finally put together but honestly I have been sick ever sense I got home. Yuck! I have not been able to work out because I am coughing so bad and that has been the hardest for me. I feel like I am going to have to start all over again by the time this stupid sickness passes....arg!! Oh well so on to better things.

The first week we were there it rained half the time and not like a little sprinkle here or there and then sun. I am talking a full on down pour. So a lot of our time was spent by the pool so we could run to the condo.....

This is my hubby, Phillip, my son, Nathan, an me in the back ground

This is the view from our room during some of the rainy misty times...

The view from my inlaws room

Nathan was scared of the sand and would not sit down in it. So the first picture is Nathan and I chilling on the beach on a towel while he plays with rocks we found him because he won't play with the sand yet....haha. The second is Phillip, Nathan, and I after we put Nathan in the ocean and forced him into the sand. He does actually like it...haha Sometimes we have to be forced to do something to really know : ) The third is my hubby and my son on the beach and I am adding this one because he has been working so hard on losing weight and I am so proud of him! He has lost almost 100 pounds in 1 year!!

We had a great time in Kauai and were jetted off on a tiny little plane.....

to Maui!! All sun here people! Crazy how different the islands are. Really awesome! We did a lot of snorkeling and used underwater cameras but we do not have those pics back yet. there were sightings of tiger sharks so that totally freaked me out but I still went snorkeling..haha We went on a whale watch and I was soooooo sea sick so I stayed in this position the entire time and Nathan decided to take a nap on me...haha Good thing I did not actually throw up ; )

Well as most of you know we had a Tsunami warning while we were there. It was Thursday night I had just started to fall asleep and Phillip runs into the room and says do not freak out but there is a Tsunami warning....I was like what?? Thinking he was joking. He repeated himself and immediately of course I freaked out! I mean we have a 16 month old! He was like pack one bag of what you think we will need for a couple of days. Only the necessities. We are going to a safe point. I at this point am trying not to totally lose it but I was panicked. Hello what so you think of when someone says Tsunami?? I think death and destruction and totally and complete mayhem. So we pack stuff up and throw it in the car and Phillips grandparents were driving our car and they wanted to stop and get water, food, and gas. You should have seen the line to get gas, you should have seen the store for that matter! Thankfully we got in just in time because as soon as we went through the line they shut the lights off and said sorry we are closed. What?? People with arm loads of groceries are running around and now can not get anything? Sorry peeps but we were out..... So we drive to this school were everyone is parked along the sides of the road and we just sit there. Ok it is 11 pm at this point and they are saying the first wave should hit us at 2:59 am So we wait. Most people are sleeping and I am so worked up I feel like I am going to puke. Nathan is sleeping away in his car seat completely oblivious to everything that is happening. All I keep thinking is "Am I going to be able to see the wave coming and if I do will I have enough time to get Nathan out of his car seat so I can attempt to save his life??" This may sound crazy but seriously that is where I was at that point. I feel like I need to potty, so I wake up my not worried hubby and tell him to go with me. We walk down to the school where there is a huge line for 1 bathroom.....that is right 1 bathroom and I am not talking about several stalls bathroom, I am talking 1 bathroom, 1 toilet....oh boy. There are hundreds of people here just waiting everything out so this bathroom is getting used, a lot. So we notice that some people are coming out gagging.....what?? Then we hear that they shut the water off and the sewage due to the Tsunami. Never thought of that and as we inched our way closer to that bathroom I had pretty much already told myself I was not going. My hubby went first and did not come right back out so I thought that was a good sign. He opens the door and says, "Don't look in the toilet." What?? Don't look in the toilet? How do you not look in something you have to crouch yourself over? Well I did look and save you all I will not tell you what I saw other then it was the worst thing I have ever seen....in a toilet. So I immediately walked out ans said good luck to the line behind me and held it. : ) So we walked back to the cars, there were 4 all together, and I proceeded to tell everyone they should not attempt the restroom. Just pee outside. Well they did, pee outside...haha Well as you all know nothing huge happened. 2:59am rolled around and nothing. Finally around 3:30 they started talking about a 7 foot wave and if more were coming. Well at 5:30 we finally started to make our way back to the condo. On the way there were tons of road blocks and we were having a hard time finding our way back. One of the roads we attempted to take there was a boat in the middle of the road. We finely found our way back. We thought for sure because our room was on the first floor our room would be in water. Thankfully we were far enough away from the beach that it did not get to our room but it was close. Here is a picture when we first got there and here is a picture after the wave.

There are other pictures but this blog is already getting really long. Well we came out unscathed and hopefully everyone else did to. We did not hear any reports of people getting hurt. Well I had worked myself up so bad that I stayed in our room all day and tried to sleep a little bit and packed. I was ready to go. we had a luau that evening so of course I got myself together for that and it was awesome! Here are a couple pics from that.

Then Saturday we packed up and left and spent a lot of time in the airport and of course the airplanes. Glad to be home but glad for the experience as well. It was an awesome trip and an amazing place! Oh yeah so I absolutely love trees and Maui had the coolest one I have ever seen. It was over an acre long and the branches had grown roots down in to the ground causing them to look like smaller trees that were all interconnected. Here is a picture of the base and then some of the limbs that are rooted into the ground.

Well I need to get busy with other things now but I wanted to try to get this done today as I have been putting it off. Thanks for reading this super long blog and hope everyone is having an awesome day!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I was listening to the tsunami warning that morning on my way to work and I was trying to remember when you were in Hawaii. I'm so glad that nothing major happened and you are fine.
    It sounds like you had a great time overall!! Thanks for sharing your pics.
    3776 days ago
    Thanks for sharing! I went to a luau at the Marriot on Maui, is that the one you went to? It was amazing, and really spectacular performances by the dancers. I'm glad you came out unscathed from the tsunami! I was thinking about you.
    3777 days ago
    I am so glad that you and your family were not harmed. I know the feeling of being scared for your baby first then others, that is what a Mom does. I am so glad you enjoyed your vacation with the exception of the tsunami. Glad your home. Sandy
    3777 days ago
    Great blog! Great pictures too! I get a real sense of what your experience was like there, tsunami warning, evacuation and all. I'm glad it wasn't any more serious than it turned out to be for you. Although, having to change directions while driving because there was a boat in the middle of the road had to be rather disconcerting. Congrats to your hubby on his shedding of 100 pounds. He looks fit and healthy in the photos. As do you. I'm glad Nathan got to enjoy the beach and ocean with you. Nice family memories on this vacation, and some challenges too. Take care of yourself. Get better soon.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3778 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5469563
    Hawaii is an amazing place, tsunamis and all. =) I remember last February when I was still living there we had a tsunami warning, and the media was all hyped up saying it was going to be the "big one" and that everyone needed to evacuate our town...etc. The wave ended up being all of two inches, so it was tons of hype and not much results. Not that we were upset with nothing! I'm so glad you had a good time, and I hope there are lots and lots of fond memories.
    3778 days ago
    You have a BEAUTIFUL family!! That's certainly a vacation you will never forget! loved all the pics, you look amazing BTW! Thanks for sharing! emoticon
    3778 days ago
    when I went to Kauai it rained every day, but it is the garden island
    mahalo nui loa for the photos and account of your tsunami escape
    3778 days ago
    Cool pictures. Glad that you and your family were safe from the tsunami.
    3778 days ago
    I love Maui. How was the flight w/kids? I have yet to take my kids on a plane.
    3778 days ago
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