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1st Marathon Part 2 -After the LA Marathon

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I want to thank my friend Thirdtimeacharm for posting my blog for me, every time I tried to post I would get booted out of my computer. But over these 18 hours I have been able to answer all the great post. And some of the post got me thinking that I talked about the race but not what happened after the race, so here I go.

After crossing the finish line I made my way to the the metal holders t get my prize, They draped it over my neck and wrapped me with the silver sheet to keep me warm, I was directed to take a photo with my medal so I did. I was then handed a bag to get food that was out, keep in mind it is raining and all the people are out there helping us by handing us banana, protien bars, chips, oranges, water, but at this point I just want to get my gear and get into some warm clothes, the rain is getting harder and the wind is blowing, I still can't feel my fingers or my toes, I took a photo with the girl that I ran the last 5 miles with and gave her a big hug and said thank you so much. I turned a way and followed the crowd of people, as some point I asked where was our gear, I was directed, just passed the Santa Monica Pier, well let me tell you the Santa Monica Pier was at least 3/4 to a full mile away, I was so not happy at this time, I just wanted to get warm and I know that was not going to happen any time soon, As I'm walking down the sidewalk hating every moment of the rain and the cold, I notice a lady walking and talking to the older gentlemen around 80+ years old, and heard he say this was his 26th LA Marathon, (that's how long it has been going on) for a moment I stopped think of me and what an amazing men he was, As he stopped she kept walking and I joined her, talking about how amazing he was. Again it was nice to have someone to talk to and not have to keep walking by myself to get my gear. As we made it to what should of the the Finish Line Expo it was a wet lot with alot of people packing up. I said by to my walking partner of 15 minutes and was directed to the Gear Check, when I got there there was peoples gear bags laid out on tables getting all wet, OMG all I could think of, was getting wet clothes, I was not very happy, I walked into the container where our bags were put into bins with a range of bib numbers and mine was not in the bin what it should of been in. After 5- or so minutes of looking (it felt like forever) I found my dry bag of clothes, I got my bag and started walking across the wet lot to where I though my car was parked and with only the gate open in site, my friend Jackie, said OMG I can't believe we ran into each other. (at this point I was just not in the right mind set, I saw her but really didn't hear her, I was cold, wet and my legs were starting to really hurt and wanted this to all be done, I remember telling her I'm sorry, I just want to go to my car and get home. I gave her a hug, kissed her cheek and said thank you. I walked away and as I got through the gate opening and asked directions to the City Center Parking Garage I was told it pack across the open lot, OMG all I could think was I was just then I was so close. I turned around and made my way to the parking garage, I noticed a few tents still set up, one being the Massage Tent I though for a moment about getting a massage but realized that was not going to happen, just go home.

I made it to the parking garage and realized I have to flights of stairs to climb to the to the second level. Each one of those steps just hurt, I can't explain the feeling but think of your worst pain that was what it felt like :), I made it to my car and remember me saying I had a sports car in my first email, that also means it was a stick shift. I'm trying to get my fuel belt and other things off of me and get them into the car so I can get in and get the car started. Again not being able to feel my fingers trying to get my fingers to get the keys much less press the button on the key to open the door was hard. But I did it and got into the car, started it up and put on the heat seater, turn the heat on to full blast. But after 5 minutes or so had going by I was not getting warm, I was so wet, I needed to get out of these clothes, but I broke down and cried, i could not get to my cell phone to call my husband then realized I could press the call button and say CALL DAVID KUBERT and my blue tooth connected me. he answered the phone and asked how I did, all I could do was cry, I told him I was wet, cold, and my legs hurt and all the other stuff that was not feeling so good,and how in the hell was I getting home, he offered to pick me up but in the middle of my meltdown I told him I would call him back in 5 minutes. I took off my wet running shoes and socks, and put on my dry socks, I open the car door and I was luck to have a wall behind me and that I backed into the parking spot so I got out of the car and took off my running pants, bear butt and all, I put on my dry pants and go back into the car. the wet seat was almost dried and my butt started to feel warm, I took my shirt and put it under the visor and closed it and the long part of the shirt went in the back of the steering wheel, I then took of my two wet tops. OMG it was a funny site let me tell you, I then got my bra and my shirt on. My body started to warm up pretty fast. the car was nice a toasty at this point. I took all my wet stuff and put it into my gear bag. I called my husband back and told him he did not need to come and get me and I was OK to drive home. It took me a little more then an hour to get home, becasue I was sitting and not moving my legs I did not hurt at all. I'm glad I picked up a bar, banana and water after the race. I ate those on my drive home. It was still raining hard to the traffic was pretty bad.

Around 4:30pm I pulled into my garage, 15 hours earlier I had just woken up. What a long day. I opened the car door and waited a minute to see if someone was going to come out and help me. That didn't happen, I some how got all my gear and got out of the car. OK that was not easy, by that time my son open the door to the garage and gave me a huge smile, I put my stuff down and made it to the living room, when I sent on the couch for the next 3 hours. doing that time I iced my butt, hamstrings and knees. My husband made me dinner and started me a hot bath, the bath felt good but getting out of the tub was hard. I got dressed put my son to bed watched a little of the Marathon that my husband had taped for me, around 8:30pm I took a Advil PM and did not wake up until 8:10am

I was really sore the next morning, I babied myself, I iced, I put gels and creams that would help with the pain from my calf's to my upper legs. the hardest part of yesterday was getting up for a seated position I felt like I was 100 years old. (ok I have no idea what that would feel like but if I did it was the pain I was feeling) As the day and night went by I was ready for bed. I asked my husband (don't laugh) to take the rolling pin and roll it up and down the back of my calf's to my butt. Let me tell you it hurt but it was a good hurt. I stretch out a little and just laid in bed, before I knew it it was 1am and I was wide awake, I did finally fall asleep. work up at 7am and felt 50% better, I can get up and down for a seated positing and I can even walk up and down the stair, and getting out of the car was not so bad. I think a couple more days I will be back to normal.

Well there you go. What it was like for me after my 1st Marathon.

OH don't let me forget, In less then three weeks I will be doing my first 12 person 36 leg relay 209 miles. My team has been really nice to me they have given me the easy legs. (6 miles, 2.7 miles and 4.5 miles) I look forward to posting that blog soon.

Thank you again for allowing me to share my experience with ya'll

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • no profile photo CPONCETI
    Pagona! What an experience. I'm know you must feel wonderful that you ran this marathon even though it was made more grueling because of the weather and too much walking after for you. You should be a writer because you wrote about this experience that I felt your pain. After being somewhat jaded from this I am surprised you still want to run the relay. I am very proud of you. You ROCK woman! I'm glad your back from the brink.Much love, Cheryl
    3744 days ago
    Awesome job!!! Take care of yourself and take some time off of running now to recoup. You are AMAZING!!
    3744 days ago
    Good job taking care of yourself! What determination you have! Best wishes for future races! Now you know the worst case scenario--they will all be cake after this time! Ha!
    3744 days ago
    You definitely are a WARRIOR!!!
    3744 days ago
    Lord, I hurt just READING this!

    After reading this, I'm hoping for MUCH better weather for the Pittsburgh marathon. (my first HM) I was only worried about the heat (stupid MS), but now I know how bad the rain & wind can be!

    I hope you're feeling a little stronger every hour!

    The relay is sure gonna be a breeze for you!!! GOOD LUCK!
    3744 days ago
    And even after all of that, you plan to do another. haha

    Wow, quite the ordeal after finishing 26.2.

    Sounds like you are doing the Ragnar Relay? I have added a relay to my "running bucket list" and hope to do that within the next couple of years.
    3744 days ago
    Oh wow - it shouldn't have been that bad! I think the cold and rain must have made your soreness worse than normal - don't think they are all this bad!! While tiredness and soreness are to be expected, the weather obviously made it worse than it would have been. But look at it this way - it can only get better the next time!!
    3744 days ago
    Whew! I'm tired just reading what you went through. LOL What an accomplishment though :) Good luck in your next race.
    3744 days ago
    I sure wish the weather had been better for you. I'm an OC native and it seems like the skies wait until a special event to open up and pour on! I'm glad it was a good experience overall for you. I can't wait to hear about your next event! Wow! that sounds awesome.
    3744 days ago
    Awesome. :D I'm exhausted just reading it. Great job and I'm sure that you'll feel even better AND stronger soon.
    3744 days ago
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