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Vacation pictures, part 1

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ok ... so I've gotten the pictures from my camera to the computer. Time to share some memories from Brugge (or Bruges).

Becca and I went for a walk along the canal around the outside of Brugge on Sunday. There is a great walking/biking path along the "inside" of the canal. There's a major highway on the "outside" of the canal.

This is a bridge or gate (poort) that crosses the canal and allows traffic to enter the city. Traffic going into town goes through the poort; traffic leaving town crosses the canal next to the poort.

Becca felt a need to sit for a minute, so I took her picture. You can see the canal in the background. Notice also the design of the metal supports on the back of the bench - yes, those are dragons!!!

Becca returned the favor. I was surprised by this picture ... my face is changing shape!

This is a row of houses on the other side of the walking path from the canal. Notice the decorative brickwork above the windows. That's something I also see on the brick houses here in Door County (lots of Belgian immigrants here).

There are also 4 windmills along the path we were walking. This is the first one we saw.

Midway through our walk (we walked from about 10:30 until about 3:30), we stopped for lunch at this cafe. The name means "The Lost Corner".

I'll post more people pictures later, but I just have to share this one now. My grandson An'nai is almost 2. He loves to have his picture taken - so I took lots of pictures of him, both alone and with the Belgian relatives.

Isn't that a great smile?
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