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Sunday, March 27, 2011

When I decided to set restoring my health as my primary goal almost 5 years ago, by using Brian Tracy's book, Goals, I investigated many approaches. I have been interested in health and nutrition for many years and had started and stopped many diets. My problem and the problem with many approaches is that it and they are not holistic. Our health is a combination of food, exercise, psychology, and spiritual approaches, bundled into a what we call a total lifestyle change, not a temporary change. Making short term changes and going back to what has always failed us before is the reason that many of us have health problems that are based on making poor lifestyle choices.

The resources that I have found to be the most helpful are:

Brian Clement, the Co-Director of the Hippocrates Health Institute has written many good books. The Hippocrates Health Institute is located in West Palm Beach, Fl and offers a program of medical testing, psychological evaluation, and a short term residential program to educate people about their health, show them how to prepare great raw food, and exercise. They also do follow ups on all of their clients as part of an ongoing research into the optimum health approach.

Dr. Diana Schwarzbein, a endocrinologist in Santa Barbara who now devotes her time to teaching other medical practitioners and writing books; The Schwarzbein Principle series, cookbooks, and CD's on exercise.

Dr. Joe Mercola, he has been in the forefront of doing research on alternative approaches to restoring our health and maximizing the quality of our lives. When you join his free site, he makes available a large number of downloadable free reports that are very informative. He is not a 100% Live Organic Vegan, but promotes eating 80% of our diet from Live Organic Vegan food, has a great program for maximizing the benefits of exercise, why some so called health foods are really not that healthy, etc.

Dr. Gabriel Cousins, a psychiatrist who is a 100% Live Organic Vegan who teaches and does research on the benefits of this dietary approach. I have not read his books, but I have watched a lot of his talks on YouTube.

Paul Nison, he is a Live Organic Vegan who writes and lectures on optimum health. He has a unique scriptural based approach to healthy living in addition to interviewing and writing about many approaches to healthy living. He has an online show called The Raw Life Health Show

Kevin Gianni who has an online site called The Renegade Health Show. He interviews many guest who present different view points on health and nutrition.

Mike Adams has a newsletter called NaturalNews in which he presents articles on health and nutrition. I successfully followed his recommendations in his e-book called How to Halt Diabetes in 25 Days. He has very strong opinions and is passionate about presenting them.

Most of these sites sell some products and I believe that all of them are ethical and they believe in what they sell and it is a way to pay for the expense of having great informational sites. I don't buy from them or have any affiliate connection to any of them, but I have learned a lot from their various presentation.

Most of these experts have lecture on YouTube, some in a series of 10-12 10 minute segments that are very informative.
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