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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In thinking about 5 people who motivate me to lose weight and why, I have come to realize that there are just so many that it is much easier to think of general categories or groups of people who motivate me in addition to a few specific individuals. Certainly within the groups, there are individuals who stand out in my mind, too.

Thinking back to the beginning, the contestants on the Biggest Loser television show have always been and continue to be huge motivators for me. In seasons past I would sit and watch the show, thinking "I wish I could do that." I grew up overweight and always thought that was just how I was made and there was nothing I could do about it. But after watching these contestants, many of whom felt the same way I did, battle it out with their bodies and win, season after season I started to think maybe I could do something about it, maybe I could win, too. Some of them really had to struggle to find what worked for their particular body, but they were all succeeding none the less and it planted the seed in me that I had to at least try. Along with the women who often have the same physical makeup and struggles as me, two contestants that really stand out to me are Michael and Arthur. It would have been so easy for them to give up, and there were times they wanted to, but they found the strength within them. I can't wait to see Arthur at this season's finale.

After a few months of studying, getting moving, and trying to eat better, I was seeing progress, but I knew I needed something to help keep me on track. I wanted a way to log everything and some help and advice. I found SparkPeople, and the people here are an amazing inspiration to me. I find that there are those who push and encourage me, and that in encouraging others and knowing that there are those looking to me for inspiration and motivation, drives me to do the best I can to be a good example. Besides my dear mother, a couple of people who really stand out to me, especially considering that they have struggled and choose not to give up are Dixie, who lost her husband and continued on as our fearless leader, Julie, who has been with me on the Blue team for what seems like my whole journey, and Vidya, who became a very close friend when we were buddies on the Fucshia Felines team and has pushed through injury, illness, and being a full time mom, but never gives up on her journey. You guys ROCK!

My family, of course motivates me to keep healthy. They have been there for me since the beginning. I started this journey with a desire to be around longer and be able to participate more in the lives of my husband and children. Now I am my daughter's soccer coach for this spring season! I want to be a better example to my daughter, to care more and know more about what my children are eating and how they spend their day, whether they are active enough and making sure they are healthy and feel good about themselves. They mean everything to me and they definitely keep me going.

Finally, I have to look within myself, because there I find motivation for who I want to be. There I find the confidence to know that I am worth the effort and the strength and will to keep going and succeed. There I find the person that will be with me always, that I have to continue doing this with and for, the person who reminds me this is not temporary, not a diet, but a way of living, a way of being better, brighter, happier, and healthier.

So to ALL of YOU.... a great big THANK YOU!!!!
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