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100 Day Challenge- One week later

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

emoticonSign up for the Dam Run 5k- I am not officially signed up yet, but I did finally get someone to call me back and answer some questions. She is supposed to be around tomorrow evening and I will go in then to sign up for one of the 36 remaining spaces. I did find out where the 3.8 mile route is so I can begin acclimating myself to the climb and be ready for the big day! I am planning to walk it for the first time on Friday if the weather is not too miserable.

emoticonWalk/jog 200 miles- I got 13 for the first week, which is right on target, and with my current training plans that is going to increase by quite a bit over the next few weeks and I will have no trouble whatsoever getting well over 200. What I find really interesting about this number is that as I cross the 200 mark in miles, I intend to also be crossing the 200 line in weight, just going in the opposite direction!

emoticon60 min ST per week- I did get 60 min this week, but I did it all at once. While there is nothing wrong with getting in a good 60 min ST workout, I want to be able to work in ST throughout the week, rather than just once a week. I met this goal for the week, but am modifying it slightly to include that I want to get in ST 3x a week, totaling at least 90 min per week.

emoticonTrack calories and stay in range- I am still at 100% for the 10th day in a row and the 8th day of the 100 day challenge. I feel especially good about this for 2 reasons: 1) this has been my weakest area prior to the challenge, and 2) my calories have all been healthy, nutritional choices- no working fatty, salty, sugary processed snacks or treats into my calories. In fact, many of these 10 days my sodium has been below 1200mg.

emoticonGardening- I bought some supplies for getting things started up indoors and my sweet husband got the first round of tilling done in the back yard. Time to get the seeds in their pots.

emoticonSo how did it all translate on the scale- victory! I saw a three pound loss, moving from 213.8 to 210.8 this week. That leaves me with 12 pounds to lose in the next 13 weeks to meet my initial goal for the challenge- a goal I will gladly adjust should I happen to meet it early!!!
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