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The furnace hums

Sunday, April 17, 2011

God is so good! I just need to brag on Him for a minute.

I got home late Friday night from a long two weeks on the road. ( was home briefly (less than 24 hours) last weekend. It was very rainy and chilly, I had been up since 5 am and I got home at midnight. I collapsed in my bed and slept well.

Saturday I got up, dressed, finished preparing for Bible Study and off I went. I noticed the furnace was making "screechy" sounds, but didn't have the time to deal with it and it didn't sound serious. Later in the afternoon, I noticed that the furnace motor was just running on and on, but the house was getting chilly, and I never heard the blower come on. Checked the thermostat ... yup, it wasn't working. So a call to the furnace service. Talked with a repairman and explained what it was/wasn't doing. He said he'd come out, but it would be an hour until he got here. In the meantime, I was instructed to turn the furnace off.

That means going down into my basement - dark, low ceilings, icky place (I really don't like going down there - never have). So I opened the inside door to turn on the lights before heading outside to enter through the back way. And there was water. Not the 1-2 inches I often see in the spring after a melt and rain, but water. Serious water.

I quick called the service back and cancelled the repair man. Even I know that he wouldn't be able to do anything until the water was out. Then I called a friend - the one that periodically says, "If you ever need anything, please call." I explained about the water, and he said he would find a pump and be over.

Did I pray? Yes - Lord, please help me. Show me what to do. Thanks for taking care of me.

My friend came over, wearing shiny rubber boots. I was glad he had boots - I don't have any of them. He headed down to the basement to survey the situation and get the pump set up. His daughter (about the same age as my granddaughters) came into the house and we talked about my pictures and knickknacks. The verdict - all the rain we got plus the spring melt had overwhelmed the little drain in the far corner of the basement. The water line on his boots was pretty close to 12 inches. But the pump was pumping it out. He showed me how to check it and suggested I look at the level in an hour or so, turning it off once it was no longer pulling the water out. It was placed in the shallow part of the basement, right next to the back stairs.

So I checked periodically, and about 10:15 it was ready to turn off. Now remember - cold house, it snowed after the rain yesterday. I went to bed, snuggling under the down comforter. It got nice and warm in there. Even Dooley didn't want to come out this morning. I checked the water level before I left for church - hadn't risen at all during the night. That was good.

So now comes the good part. I saw my friend at church. He said he'll be over later to move the pump and continue getting the basement dried out. A couple of the other guys also talked to me - he had called around asking who had a pump to help me out. One guy said that I should run my dehumidifier for a couple of weeks after the water is pumped out and the furnace should start back up just fine. I'm thinking - a couple weeks! That's how long I've got to live in a cold house? I got home, and what did I hear? Was it the refrigerator? No. It sounded suspiciously like the furnace. But I had turned the thermostat all the way down (I hadn't been able to access the switch in the basement because of the water). I went to a vent and there was WARM AIR coming out!!!!! So I turned the thermostat back up and the house is back to warm! What an awesome, gracious God!!!

I still have to deal with the water. I've lived in this house for 20+ years and this is the first time I've ever seen water like that in the basement. But I'm thinking about a sump pump ...

In the meantime, I'm warm. My house is warm. And I'm rejoicing in my good God's care for me!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Good for you dealing with one problem at a time and thanks to your friend for helping. Things have a way of working out when we ask for help, from friends and God. -- Lou
    3707 days ago
    How awesome!!!!!
    3713 days ago
    Hallelujah!!!! I am SO GLAD your furnace runs again, AND that you had the help you needed with the flooded basement! Fast thinker, you are! Don't you just love church families??? emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3713 days ago
    So great that the Lord looks out for you, and gives you great friends to help when they are needed. Pam
    3713 days ago
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