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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Well hello sparkies:-) I've been gone for a bit, but I'm back. You're used to that by now, right? ;-) Things have been crazy hella busy, but I'm glad to have things settling back to normal. And SUPER glad to have some time to get back on Spark and catch up. Its also time for me to quit being lazy and get my butt in gear:) So without further babbling, here's some wedding shots:

That's all I have of those, right now. There's more on facebook, if you want to see them (search Talia Silvey...there can't be too many of my name out there lol).

The wedding went smashingly well:-) My man was insanely handsome, my kids beautiful, the weather gorgeous, the food amazing....just about perfection all around.

After the wedding we took off to Eureka Springs in northern Arkansas for a few days. That place is too dang cute! I was so surprised at all there was to do (admittedly, i thought it was an old folks town...'twas wrong;) The first two days we stayed in a cabin outside of town, and pretty much lived in the hot tub....We ran around the back deck/hot tub/yard naked.......it was awesome! (i will spare you those pictures, however;) After the cabin we stayed at the Crescent Hotel. If you're a fan of Ghost Hunters on the scifi channel, then you'll know that they caught some pretty crazy ghost stuff there. I went on the tour, took my camera and snapped about 1000 pics...but no ghosts caught for me:( Ed and I did have a few freaky things happen in our room. Ex: the lamp turned off by itself while we were arguing over sleeping with the lamp on vs. off, Ed felt something brushing his foot, i heard a weird voice right as I was falling asleep. Stuff like that:) The hotel was beautiful, I'm already dying to go back and stay there again.
Here's some pics from the honeymoon:

the deck where the hot tub is, and nakedness frolicking took place:

Thorncrown Chapel

only the biggest burrito i've ever seen...and Ed ate it all...(and then died lol)

moments from the Crescent:

I was sad to leave...but Ed's just making his crazy smile face...

and that's all I got for now. Like I said, more on Facebook...no way am I uploading everything I have for the wedding and honeymoon...it'd take FOR-EVAH lol.

I've missed you guys! I'm SO glad to be back around, getting back to routine, catching up, and moving forward:-)

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