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May goals and the Spring 5% challenge!!! Yay!!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

I so need this and I so need warm weather to get me motivated again! Here are my goals and my commitment to my team!

How much and how often will you exercise?
Hopefully everyday but for at least 30 minutes 6 times a week!

What diet will you follow?
I am going with a high veggie/fruit and protein diet. I am trying to cut out all those horrible sweets and processed carbs I have been stuffing my body with for 2 months...yuck!

How will you support your team?
By completing my workouts, logging them, commenting and supporting team members blogs and posts.

My reasons to lose weight....

1) I want to change how I feel in my clothes. I am tired of that stuffed sausage look and would like for everything to just fit.

2) I want to feel healthy! I want the energy and over all awesome positive feeling I had when I was exercising before!

3) I do not want to be so worried about how I look that I do not want to go out. My son deserves better and he deserves a mom that is going to walk him to the park and play with him outside!

I know that I have to watch certain times of the day especially when I am making dinner for an hour and a half to 2 hours in the kitchen surrounded by food I should not eat. This is my trigger time and serious carb attack time! I think I have can get this in check and stop eating my sons lunch with him it would make a world of difference.

Alright well my scale is still not working and we have not gotten another one and not sure when that is going to happen but I am going to say this is my weight and measurements and target weight:

Weight is: 130
Target weight: 124.5
This will be accomplished by July 2, 2011

high Waist: 28
Low waist: 33.5
Biceps: 11.25

I do the high low waist because I have a really long torso and I like to see the numbers change in these areas. Plus I get all my weight gain in the lower regions and all this measuring really shows me how things are changing and makes me feel great when that scale is staying the same.

Good luck everyone and I hope that you have a wonderful and challenging Spring!
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