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Monday Monday Monday....sunshine and pics : )

Monday, May 09, 2011

So yesterday was Mother's Day and not the healthiest choices were made but not the worst either. I thought I did a great job controlling the amount of food I was eating and the day just turned out beautiful. I t was gorgeous and sunny and Nathan wanted to be outside all day. We spent the day with my hubby's family and the guys cooked for us it was really nice. I made a couple of the things for some of the moms.....

I love to make things...haha even if the only time I get to do it now is when I need to be sleeping...haha

Today was gorgeous once again and Nathan and I walked 3 miles, we walked to the grocery store and Nathan got a free balloon which he held on to the entire way home! He was so sleepy going home and he has a runny nose which is making him breathe through his mouth and causing him to drool all over because his mouth stays open so this is a weird picture of him and he fell right on his face on the sidewalk yesterday so he looks a little jacked up..poor guy he just can't catch a break!

That balloon made him so happy! I can not believe that he hung on to it for an entire mile home...haha I hope everyone is having a wonderful day today and you are all getting some sunshine!!
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