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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

These bruises from hula hooping give a whole new meaning to the line, “I hurt in the places where I used to play.” I have to admit that I am less enthusiastic about going back than I would like. Hopefully, by next Sunday, they will have faded and I won’t feel like a walking punching bag.

The front of stomach and my right side are covered in a smattering of little bruises. My left hip has a large purple bruise. My right hip has a small bruise. My right thigh has a small bruise.

I admit, it scares me a little. The last time I was bruised like this, I was on blood thinners, and I didn’t consider the consequences when I rode a rough wooden roller coaster. That trip resulted in a brief hospital visit to confirm that I hadn’t done any serious damage to myself. This time, since I haven’t been on blood thinners for years, I’m more concerned that I am so incompetent at hula hooping that I may, possibly, have bruised a rib. Embarrassing.

My gym time this morning was short and low impact. I did 33 minutes on the elliptical machine and some stretching. This is probably my shortest workout in months, and it does remind me that I still have some of my “all or nothing” mentality about working out. I had to talk myself to the gym this morning because I was “only” going to have 30 minutes for my workout, and what good is that? Seriously, brain? This is exactly the kind of thinking that I am working on weeding out. My gym is less than 5 minutes from my office. Yes, it’s a pretty long drive from my home – about 25 minutes, but I have to make that drive anyway.

Here I am preaching about the joys of intuitive movement, and I am still fighting my own all or nothing thinking for exercise. I’ve tried to tackle this issue head-on. DH and I play in the pool most nights when I’m home. I also didn’t wear my HRM to hula hooping since the class is supposed to be a “play time” for me. I love the feedback my HRM gives me. I love seeing that I am in the best aerobic shape of my life – that it takes longer to get my HR up and it decreases faster. I love that it helps me get off the treadmill and out into the world. I also love that it gives me an opportunity to do interval training and run for the first time since junior high. But, I don’t want to be tied to it either. I don’t want to worry that every movement has to “count.”

I knew that I needed to workout this morning. I needed to loosen up my sore muscles from Sunday and yesterday. I also committed to my personal trainer that I would try and increase my aerobic activity since my focus has been strength training. I also knew that I was adjusting to being back to work after 9 days of sleeping in and that I needed to make sure that I got enough sleep. So I did both.

I feel pretty good now. My bruises hurt, of course, but I feel like I got a good workout and an excellent stretch. While I can’t do anything about the bruising, I can still prepare myself for next Sunday’s class by working out my soreness, practicing my movements, and treating myself kindly. I will get better at hooping, and I will have fun doing it.
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  • no profile photo TAZOBERRY
    Oh. Owie. :( I hope that maybe that was just an initial breaking yourself into hula hooping experience with all the bruising. Or that if you start out with the pretty pink fairy dust hoop next time, then perhaps it will run a little more smoothly. Hang in there, woman!!
    3624 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7670724
    Ever tried hula hoop on the wii fit? Its funny but also results in some soreness the day after. The best part is that you start with 1 hoop and can end up with as many as 10 then you see the number of spins your hoop actually did. I try to beat my time and get more into it each time. Its also fun when DH gives it a try. :)
    3625 days ago
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