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Monday, June 13, 2011

In my twenties, I went in for a physical and the doctor told me I had high cholesterol. She gave me a speech about cutting back on red meat, etc. And I went home, fried some hamburger, dumped it into some kind of a boxed pasta and enjoyed my dinner.

Then in my late twenties, my husband and I faced infertility. As part of the process of figuring out what was going on, we discovered my husband had high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Suddenly, I was infertile, had high cholesterol AND my husband was a walking heart attack. AWESOME.

Not to worry though, I have a super-healthy coping mechanism. It's called avoidance and I'm an expert. I continued to go in for my yearly physical because I wanted to get my birth control refilled. (Why, you ask when dealing with infertility? It's a long story.) But, I never took the paperwork to the blood draw place and actually had my blood drawn. For a decade. Yeah, you read that right. A. DECADE. I'd just smile politely at the doctor and promise to do it this year.

This year, I actually did it. I had my physical earlier this month and got my blood drawn the following week. I got my results back today.

NORMAL. Everything is normal. That, my friends, is because of YOU. I've been encouraged to change my life in a healthy way and I've followed through because of YOU! Thank you, thank you so very much!

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