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A Little Bit of Success

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My clothes don't fit me anymore, which is a wonderful wonderful thing. :) They have been feeling loose since December, but have recently started just falling off me. Some are 26's, that I literally can't wear anymore. Some are 24's, and even if they don't yet, they *look* as if they'll fall off any minute.

(EDITED TO ADD) In fact, in this photo that I took as my "before" photo back in August, you can see a pair of size 26 jeans that barely fit me there in the waist (they were baggy on my legs, but the waist was tight - and it was elastic!).

When we unpacked after moving into the house here, I found a bunch of smaller sized pants. Most of what I had were 22's that I had kept as my "skinny jeans" (yes, I am noting the irony there). I almost got rid of them, thinking that I had been carrying them around long enough, and that I would never fit into them.

Then I remembered my pants were falling off. I tried them on, and amazingly, they fit!

In the pile I found my "dream jeans" as well. I have kept this pair of jeans since before I had my second daughter. They are 24's but they are Misses instead of Women's, which runs about 7" smaller in the hips, than a Women's 24. I have kept them because they're cute and fun, and also because they are representative of the smallest size I was before I got pregnant with my 2nd baby. I just barely fit into those jeans when I wore them before.

I was trying on lots of different pants anyway, and I went into it thinking there was no way I was going to get my big patootie in them, so I was steeled to the ever present feeling of not being able to get the button anywhere near the hole on those jeans. I put them on and....

They fit. THEY FIT!!! I still can't believe it. :)

To put that in women's sizes, I tried on a pair of my friend's size 20's when she came to visit me last week. They fit perfectly. That is a loss of 6 sizes for me over the last 8 months.

I don't *feel* any smaller, really, but seeing myself in smaller sizes is proof that I am. I haven't weighed since my Dr. appointment in February, which I think is a big help to me right now. It keeps me from obsessing over things and wanting to give up if I gain back a lb or two. Plus, when I go to the doctor next time, hopefully I will have some good news.

For now, being in smaller sizes is enough of a boost for me!

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