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A good day to start again, again.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Today is Tuesday. It is more of a Monday since I didn't work yesterday, instead I did my trek to my P.A. for fasting bloodwork and chat about tobacco abuse and diabetic selfcare. I know the chats by heart because I talk to patients every day... but it is a bit different when you are the patient and you are 137+ lbs overweight. I need much encouragement. I need much TLC. Nooooooooooo, I need to get over it and do what I tell everyone else to do!
I feel whiney today. I better get over that too.
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    You know the battle now CHARGE! You can do this! Step by step.
    3594 days ago
    "It's easier said than done." That said though, I'm guessing you are a nurse or someone in the medical field? By me being in nursing school now, it's safe to say you are capable of working hard and being determined! You can do it! Don't give up! You are worth it!
    3601 days ago
    It's always a good day to start again. It doesn't matter how many times that you start--only that you keep starting.
    3601 days ago
    Hello. :-) I'm Jen.

    I was just browsing new blog posts this morning and came across this one.

    Hey--knowing something intellectually and knowing it in your heart, in your guts, are two different things.

    I knew all about what foods are good for you, and that I shouldn't smoke, and that people need to exercise to help them be fit and healthy.

    I knew I don't need to eat an entire box of Mike N' Ikes in one sitting. I knew I don't need to eat pancakes and eggs bennedict and bacon every other morning for breakfast. But did that mean I didn't do it? No. I did it, regularly, for far too long.

    Why am I not doing it now?

    Because I got sick of the way I looked and felt. So damn sick of it I was willing to start changing my behavior. One foot in front of the other, so far. Being committed but being kind to myself as well, instead of punitive. I haven't given up smoking, but for me it's never been successful to try to make more than one big change at once. So that'll come. But mainly, just feeling as if I deserved better.

    Maybe you haven't gotten to that point yet?

    Maybe you're just having an off day or week?

    I like one of the quotes you have on your SP, that says (I'm paraphrasing) "Thoughts become things. Think good ones." That resonates with me because I'm concentrating on speaking things into existence. So maybe try telling yourself, like a mantra:

    I deserve better than this.

    I deserve to be healthy.

    I deserve to feel comfortable in my body.

    I deserve to be able to pursue what ever activities interest me, unlimited by my fitness level or weight.

    I deserve to have my lifespan determined by fate minus my trying everything I could to live as long and as well as I can, not limited by what I've failed to do for myself.

    I deserve better than this.

    The only one who can give me better than this is myself.

    I'm worth it.

    3601 days ago
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