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AUSTIN - Day 2

Monday, July 11, 2011

On Friday, 7/8, I arrived home from work to find my 15 year old son, Austin, lying on the floor in our basement exercise room. It appeared that he may have had the flu. He was difficult to rouse, but when he did said he didn't feel good. When he did wake up, he walked upstairs to his bed. Over the next few minutes, he went in and out of responsiveness. I called for help as we were alone in the house. Austin had been there since 2 pm after grandma and grandpa took him to lunch. He was fine when they dropped him off.
We went to the hospital. They quickly determined that he had blood on the left side of his brain and an aneurysm on the right side. He was transferred to a local trauma center.
We have been told that it appears the aneurysm began leaking sometime between 2 and 5 pm, and continued to do so sporadically throughout the early evening as we were getting medical help. By 1 AM they had placed a drain and were headed in to perform a procedure to secure the aneurysm. Prior to starting the procedure, Austin had a lucid moment and was able to say, "Hey there's my mom. What happened? I feel better now." I explained a little of what was happening and told him to lay very still why the doctors finished up fixing his issue. He asked me to tell everyone to wait in the waiting room because he wanted to see them all when he came out. He also mentioned that he was sorry he had ruined our planned night out to see Transformers 3. I told him I'd take him to the movie as soon as he is released from the hospital. During the procedure, Austin had a Code Blue and I believe the aneurysm burst. He was rushed to emergency surgery. He is now in PICU. The doctors cannot say the extent of the brain damage at this point. Immediately following, he was not responsive, and was not being kept sedated as they wanted to see if he would begin to show signs of response. Late Saturday, Austin began to show signs of extreme distress and had raised an arm when being attended by a nurse, he also initiated some breathing. The docs decided to begin sedation to calm him and were encouraged by these signs.

Sunday, his eyes would respond slightly to light, he frowned when a doc touched his eyeball with a swab, and clenched his toes when exposed to painful stimuli on his foot. These are very encouraging signs.

I request that all of my SparkFriends join me in praying for Austin!!! I am keeping a public journal to track his progress at caringbridge.org/visit/austinr
ux. Please see the journal there for updates on Austin as I will not be able to maintain multiple updates. Thank you, ALL!!!!
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