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Moved My Marker Today (241.6) (11+ up from Spark SW) WHATEVER!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

However, there have been some times between now and getting out of the hospital that I was teetering awfully close to 250 so I am pleased with 241.6. Also, I am nearly two pounds down from last week. This anomaly I am attributing in large part to the aberiffic workout of continuous bronchial spasms and hacking cough as well as the loss from my lungs of at least 16 oz of mucus (a pint's a pound the world around). I've also coughed up three small pairs of earrings, the entire fourth season of Scrubs on DVD, and half of a 50' cigarette boat.

I'm not looking forward to coughing up the other half but I think that is what I am working on today since all has been, ahem, nonproductive.
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