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The No Plan Plan

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Haven't written in a while. Sorry about that. Time gets away from me sometimes.

I also feel like I have to be able to share what I'm doing on my "program" that is moving me toward my goal, and most of the time, I don't have an answer for that. I'm not like those amazing people here at Spark People that can commit to an amazingly specific diet and exercise regimen. I'm just not. I'd love to be, because I'm sure my success would be faster, but I'm also thankful that I'm not really uncomfortable and unhappy like I have been in the past when I've tried to dive in head first.

A friend asked me a couple weeks ago what I'm doing since it seems to be working so well for me. I told her, "Don’t hate me… but nothing specific." I fail miserably at “plans” of any type. The only thing that is working for me is looking at EACH decision I make and trying to make a healthy choice. I ordered fries at lunch (friend took me out as a happy treat) but I did only have a few. I think my body is just adjusting to me making those small changes right now. I know it doesn’t sound like much diet wise, but when I think about how much I used to eat, and what I used to eat, as opposed to the choices I am trying to make now, the amount of calories in difference is huge. A large fry versus a few fries for example… a look shows that a large fry has 500 calories and 25 grams of fat. Omg. I used to eat those at least every other day with as much as we ate out and were out of the house (shameful I know). So - just eating a few… maybe 50 calories worth, and instead of 25 grams of fat, maybe maximum of 5. Instead of fries every other day, we’re looking at fries every other week. It is a huge difference, that my body is adjusting to running on.

I try to eat fruit or fiber one bars if I’m feeling snacky. I love them both, and its something I’m happy with. I tried to take the idea from Weight Watchers Points Plus that fruits and vegetables are “free” foods, so I find myself more drawn to them, and then feel less guilty about small pleasures later. I let myself eat what I’m craving in a reasonable amount. I try to ask myself questions like “Are you really hungry, or just craving something?” If I’m just craving something I still let myself eat it, just not as much as I used to. Maybe 1-2 cookies, instead of 5. I find that I really don’t feel bad about that, and am happy still having the things I like.

Activity wise, I’ve just been getting up off my tush more. I stand up more (sounds small, but I feel the difference). I dance with the kids more just to have fun. I play with them. I go for walks with the dog or a friend once in a while (1-3 miles usually). I’ve been trying a new workout video that I like called Weightloss Pilates (Choose Your Level). I like Pilates, so its fun for me, and challenging.

I’ve gotten bad about it the past couple weeks, but I had cut back to one soda per day, and upped my water intake. I like water, so that wasn’t hard. Its mostly just my addiction to coke that keeps me drinking it. Not sure how to break that without the massive headaches. For now I’m happy with the idea of one per day.

I also gave up dairy out of necessity, and while I didn’t think it would make a difference to my weight loss, it really did. Who knew how much cheese I was eating before! SHEESH. I find I don’t really miss it, surprisingly.

That’s about it for my “plan” thus far. I do have things I want to keep changing, so I keep my body on its toes so to speak. For me, big “shock” type plans, with NO fat or NO carbs, or NO whatever, seems to work really well for weightloss for like 2 weeks and then my body acclimates and I stall out for a LONG time (months), no matter how hard I try. This is the only thing that has worked, and I think its because my body is just slowly responding to the changes I am making. Having more changes to make and more improvements to go with later down the road, are things I think will keep me moving forward, since my body will always be adjusting to new healthy changes. It also helps me not feel bad at this point (and quit) if I don’t do things perfectly.
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    Your plan works well for me,too. If I had enough, consistent funds, I might do more planning, but reading the SparkPeople articles helps me make better decisions; and changing my life-style, here-and-there, is a great way to feel better. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3614 days ago
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