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An early birthday present to myself (a short blog)

Saturday, September 03, 2011

It’s September 3rd 2011, Saturday and tomorrow is my 24th birthday...

Two months ago I started thinking about how much I’ve achieved since January, and I thought to myself... “I wonder... what can I achieve by my birthday?”

Then I just knew what I wanted to do. I haven’t been under 17 stone (238lbs) since I was in highschool! I had about 10lbs to lose, and I’ve been hitting plateaus, so I didn’t hold much of a flame to it. But I’ve still kept to my plan and tried to lose as much as I could.

Well, tomorrow is my birthday, and the day came when I had to weigh myself, last week I was 17st 3lbs (241lbs), so I’d reserved myself to the fact that I wouldn’t drop the rest, but I’d be happy with 2 lbs off. Well, I dropped the 2lbs... and an extra 3! I’ve lost 5lbs and now 16st 13lbs. I’ve done it!!!!

I just can’t believe it. In all honesty, I NEVER thought I’d get down to here again and I feel amazing. I’ve never felt so good. Granted I’ll probably put it back on again, as I’ve got the weekend off.

But right now, right here, I'm the happiest I've felt about myself in years, I feel content, comfortable... and... I feel great!

Kat x

Weight last blog: 17st 5lbs / 243lbs
Weight this week: 16st 13lbs / 237 lbs
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