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Trying "maintaining" mindset

Monday, September 05, 2011

No matter what I do, my weight bounces within a couple of pounds. After serious consideration I've decided to overrule my doctor's suggested goal weight and bump it up 5 pounds to what seems reasonable for me.

At 57 years old, I shouldn't be expected to weigh the same as I did 30 years ago. An article from a couple of months ago seems to justify that opinion. Research shows our hips continue to grow; as much as an inch which can contribute up to three extra inches on the waist. Not sure that makes me feel better, but it does explain the futility I often feel.

Another SparkBlog from Coach Nicole tells of her friend entering a "fitness model" competition. You know those people illustrating the exercises in magazines like Self or Shape. Those models that it's inferred we can look like if we do said exercises religiously for the next 2 months? Yeah, in my world it's nowhere near realistic to go through what Coach Nicole's friend did to achieve that body.

So I will enter the 5%Challenge as a "maintainer". Because I need the accountability and incentive. Because I am a slacker by nature. Because I have auto-immune diseases for which exercise is not only the best medicine, it's the only medicine.

This will be a grand experiment to see if psychologically it's easier for me to get myself up, out and exercising when I don't have the pressure to lose, only the desire to maintain a healty lifestyle.

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