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Maternity Clothes/Rant/Weight Gain

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

So I am 10 weeks pregnant today and yesterday I splurged and bought my first pair of maternity pants. I haven't really gained any weight, maybe a few pounds, but my work pants and especially jeans were no longer comfortable while sitting. Standing they are ok, but sitting for 10 hours a day (2 hours commuting and 8 at work) I was feeling uncomfortable. I haven't needed any new shirts yet, and I am TOTALLY regretting getting rid of all of my really cute 'fat' clothes that no longer fit me. I even had a super cute houndstooth jacket that I got a Target 4 years ago that was actually a maternity jacket that was on clearance that I would have loved to have this winter.

So I announced my comfort on facebook so that my fellow pregnant friends, friends & mothers and whoever else reads my status updates would be informed about my new-found comfort.

My status: oh HELLO maternity pants...so this is what comfort feels like!


SO F***ING RUDE. Are you kidding me? Yes I am in maternity pants. I even went on a forum to see when others had started wearing maternity pants. Some people even started in week 8. Everyone is different. She isn't a mom so I am trying to give her the benefit of the doubt that whatever. It bothers me since she is someone I consider a really close friend. I can't help but wonder that she might be jealous. We always joked that we should be pregnant around the same time so that we could enjoy it together and our kids could be best friends. I wonder if she is unhappy that she doesn't have what I have. Whatever the reason it hurt. Whatever I am getting over it.

Insensitive. Pregnancy hormones = regular (semi-crazy) girl brain x 1 million which equals emotional rollercoaster, could cry at any moment sort of feeling. I am feeling hurt. I had a breakdown the other night because I know that I will gain weight through this. Trevor didn't really understand. Maybe you guys will.

The pictures that I took of myself before I now use as reminders of a girl that I will never look like again. A girl that I realized was unhappy and didn't think that she was beautiful. Obviously I know I am going to gain weight for this baby. It is just really hard knowing that I started my journey at 220. I got down to 186 and I was on my way to my goal. I am not calling this a set-back, it is life and I could not be happier that I am going to be a mom. But it is still hard to see the scale creep up and not be able to do anything about it.

I wonder if it is different for someone who has always been around their goal weight, to gain weight during pregnancy. What kind of a shock it is to carry extra weight around. Maybe I have the upper hand since I have carried an extra 30 pounds around with me (I am hoping to gain max 20 - my healthy weight gain is 11-20 pounds).

If I am going to take positive things away from this it is that:
1. I have lost the weight before & I can do it again.
2. The size 14 maternity pants that I bought yesterday at Target are still a bit big for me and hey - I used to wear a size 20.
3. I used to buy a few maternity items when I wasn't even pregnant because they fit better, and now I buy them because I have to.
4. I will be beautiful and healthy throughout my pregnancy no matter what size/weight I become.
5. I will be a stylish pregnant woman.
6. I will not let other people's opinions or comments effect me (especially those from people who have not had kids and therefor don't understand how uncomfortable it is to be in pants that cut into your tummy in weird places).
7. I will be a wonderful mother.
8. Maybe this is the ultimate motivation that I never had before, thus why I had reached a stand-still with my weightloss.
9. I will surround myself with positive energy, creativity and love.
10. I am growing exactly as I should and my body is the cushy home for my baby which is none of anyone else's business but my own.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I can't believe anyone would say anything so mean. Surely it is exciting to be in your first maternity clothes and that your friends should support you. Why is it so terrible to gain weight when you are pregnant, it's totally natural.
    3516 days ago
  • HEATHER2346
    You will be a beautiful mom no matter what :) ... Wear what is comfortable and be happy. Everyones body is different!! Congrats!!
    3520 days ago
    Ha ha, I read 10 wks but my brain registered 10 months....I was thinking, she's 10 months and barely getting maternity jeans? And then, of course, wait...10 MONTHS?

    I was pregnant 5 times, started wearing maternity clothes at uh, I don't know, pretty quickly....and MORE quickly each time...
    the good news? The first 4, lost all pregnancy weight right away, the bad news, the 5th one made up for them ALL. emoticon SO the moral of that story is, don't have 5 kids, and you'll be fine. emoticon
    3520 days ago
    I'm guessing/hoping that you're friend didn't mean anything by it. maybe she was surprised because she can't see a tummy. (more props to your weightloss) Congratulations on your upcoming bundle of joy!
    3521 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1983812
    emoticon This pregnancy I started wearing maternity pants at 4 weeks if it makes you feel better!
    3521 days ago
  • no profile photo CD776786
    I know what you mean about the pants and face book situation. I broke down and got some maternity clothes this past weekend, and I will be 9 weeks tomorrow. Everyone is different. I have only gained 3 pounds, and it is not the gaining weight that i the factor.. your body is shifting around everything right now. Your going to have stuff where you did not have stuff before and if your clothes reflect a body type that your body does not match anymore, then you have to be comfortable.

    As for that person, I would have been totally upset too. For some reason, people seem to think they can say say anything to a pregnant woman. I have heard them being called fat, ugly, and all kinds of other stuff. I personally think it is because people do get jealous, and they also like to project. If they feel fat that day, it makes them feel better to call someone else fat so they can feel better. And since the person that they are calling fat is pregnant, it is ok. I can't wait until someone says something to me. I will be all over them UFC style.

    Anyway.... Don't worry, you are normal, and be happy you are comfortable now. If it would make you feel better, talk to your friend and let her know that she should support you and not try to kick you down (whether she meant to or not). People need boundaries, don't feel bad about setting them for people. :) Have a wonderful day!
    3521 days ago
    Sounds like you have a healthy outlook on things! I am kind of going through similar issues...before becoming pregnant I was just starting to lose weight and get in good shape and now I know I am going to gain...and reach a certain weight that I never wanted to see (and was my motivation to lose weight). It is frustrating and scary, but you have a good philosophy...I think I will borrow it! :)
    BTW, your friend was probably (hopefully)just being ignorant, probably didn't know better.
    3522 days ago
    That is mean of your friend! I had started wearing maternity pants around the same time. A lot of people wear maternity wear around 10 weeks. You feel uncomfortable in regular clothes lol. Sometimes people are insensitive, don't let it get to you. As for loosing the weight after the baby comes, don't worry you will be a-okay. :) Congrats on your pregnancy and enjoy it! It goes by so quickily trust me lol.
    3522 days ago
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