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I had a "bad beat" with the elliptical....and won!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A 'bad beat' is poker slang for having a great hand and getting beat by an even better hand........something that may happen to you while playing Texas hold em.

I saw this once when daughter number two was playing in a Vegas tourney last year. I probably should provide a little background:

I send this kid away to school 3,000 miles away from California on an athletic scholarship. Fresh out of HS...... The kid is a hell of an athlete....Division one scholarship and praise the Lord I don't have to pay a dime! I am happy...Now, I figure she has got no time to get to that Indian casino that is less then ten miles away from where she is going to school. WHY? Because school and the sport she is there to play is a full time job.......or so I thought.

As she was honing her business skills in the classroom she was also honing her skills at the poker table.......and yes she was gambling with her scholarship money.....at least it wasn't mine!

Fast forward 4 years and she graduates with a business degree and kind of a reputation as a card player....I guess all of those statistic classes have paid off ....that and those gambling genes she got from her mother......

A couple of years ago I take a trip to visit her and her then boyfriend in Vegas. Of course they suggest that we go to the casino....What the heck "It's Vegas, Baby"! Oh, they forgot to tell me they were there for a Texas hold em tourney....why is the Father the last one to know I thought? I didn't know at the time she was invited to play by the Casino....this girl has been holding out on me.

It was a long night and I was getting a lesson in how not to play Craps, so I took a seat to watch the kid play cards with a bunch of old guys, is that really her shuffling her chips with one hand and talking trash to these card sharks at the table?

Yep, it was....same kid that would hardly speak to an adult when she was growing up......as the night progressed she ended up at the final table which I guess is pretty good....this is when I learned what a 'Bad Beat' was.....she lures two guys into the the final hand of the night....one of them folds and the other stays in.....I know my kid...she must have something I can't see because it looks as if the guy next to her has a flush showing on the board....I figure she is done and wants to go back to the room..... I am about ready to fall asleep..... that is what I would be doing if I were her.

After the usual "All in" words are are used, I get up ready to leave and get some much needed rest...she turns her cards over a reveals that she has a straight flush.....in other words she 'bad beats' this guy who has a great hand and WINS........lets just say she wins enough money to pay for the car she has been saving for....the one she can now buy for cash.......did I say this girl has been holding out on me?

Hey this is Spark and the title of this blog is about what I did in the gym today....yeah, I had to come back to the real topic sometime didn't I? Today I beat down that Elliptical machine......I ran my way up to five miles and 9500 strides on that baby....! I was hoping to burn out a bearing or two but the best I could do was to get it to squeak a bit in protest....that was enough for me...

Tomorrow I think I will try for another beat down....maybe try my luck on those stair climbing machines in the back of the gym that nobody seems to use......
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    All machines need to be beaten into submission! Very well done.
    3510 days ago
    Wooo hooo...another GREAT emoticon storyteller! I loved your story and big woot..woot for the 'bad beat' daughter. She and I would get along just FINE! Now...about the gambling genes from her mother...are you SURE about that? emoticon Sounds alot like her dad to me emoticon

    Good job on the exercise..if only I could be so inspired...hey...now if they had a buildt in jackpot machine...I might spend a LOT more time there!! emoticon
    3514 days ago
    Are you sure she doesn't get any from you?
    3514 days ago
    Ok were back from the back 40 and the story begins. LOL that was worth the wait. Way to go spark friend. and Go Bulls!! LOL emoticon emoticon
    3514 days ago
    Keep it up :) and show that machine who is boss.
    3515 days ago
    Keep it up :) and show that machine who is boss.
    3515 days ago
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