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It's been hard to come back after falling off the wagon, but I'm back

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

OK, so I¡¦m back. Technically I haven¡¦t really been gone, just... sort of lost. The last month has been hectic with my Dad and his girlfriend up. This was difficult as they DON¡¦T eat right. My Dad NEVER eats healthily, if at all (I spent an entire day without food, and for a girl trying to eat properly, and with a history of eating ALOT in the past, this was hard and ended with me getting takeaways as I needed food THERE and THEN, regardless of the consequences!). A case in point, I took them both to a market in one of the towns nearby, and for lunch we went to a small cafe that does a DELICIOUS Jacket potato with apple coleslaw and salad (I had this), my dad chose a HUGE sandwich filled with greasy bacon, ketchup and fried eggs.

I¡¦m due to go and stay with them for a week at the end of August and dreading it with the whole food issue. This feeling was made ten times worse when he and his GF asked what I was going to eat when they were down with them as they don¡¦t eat ¡¥healthy¡¦ food (the word healthy was said with a hint of derision). WTF?!?!?! With this I need help and advice on how I can help myself with this impending week. I¡¦ve already told them I¡¦ll be walking every morning to make up for not being at the gym (I remained rigid with my programme and kept going whilst they were here... I was NOT going to miss gym if I was eating so badly).

Thankfully I learnt I had more control than I thought I had. We went for a meal two nights before they travelled home... All you can eat Indian buffet... LUSH!!!! ƒº And I had my Indian, granted I went back for seconds, but I made a conscious decision before I went... I knew I¡¦d want to go back for more food, it¡¦s a tradition of mine, so I consciously halved the amount I¡¦d put on my plate, so I actually had one plate of food. I know it sounds strange, but by doing this I was able to trick my mind into thinking I had more than I actually did. Then desert came, and I REFUSED to have anything. My Dad¡¦s GF really pushed me into eating a desert, but being stubborn I said no. She did push me into having a profiterole, but when she TOLD me to eat another one I just looked at her and said a little more forcefully than normal ¡§No, I¡¦m FULL¡¨. Let¡¦s just say she didn¡¦t push the matter again. My hard work paid off as I was able to maintain my weight for the week, which is phenomenal as I ate really bad foods.

The next week, my Mum was away for 2 weeks, so from past experience when Mum was away, I told my sister no silliness, and we ate properly throughout the week, but the weekend was my downfall. When temptation is there I just cannot say no! I was more controlled, but I still threw out all my hard work and just ate. Then I got a cold in the Second week, and as my sister didn¡¦t want to cook after working all day, and I didn¡¦t want to because I was sick as a dog, we just ate crap all week. This made me feel even worse as I gained 6 lbs, lost confidence/motivation and self doubt started rolling in, particularly as I didn¡¦t go to the gym for a week as I was ill, so I ate even more. URGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Wednesday 28th Sep, I was so mad at myself and falling back into my old habits. Happily my Mum came home that day and I told her everything, and since then she¡¦s helped me get back on track. Not by telling me what to eat, but just sitting there and letting me pour it all out. Since then I¡¦ve fought with my ¡¥need to eat EVERYTHING¡¦ in sight. I¡¦ve said no to any snacks at night and started tracking my food on SP again, which I haven¡¦t done for 4 weeks. I¡¦m now back to about 90% of my previous motivation, but I just need another few days back at the gym to sort out the rest of my focus. But it¡¦s working, as my sister now has my cold and yesterday sent me out with a shopping list of what she wanted for her lunch, at the bottom of it wrote, ¡¥and get yourself whatever you want, on me¡¦. Her list consisted of pot noodle, crisps, full fat cola and chocolate. Mine??? I didn¡¦t get anything. I did have a square of her chocolate and 3 crisps, but refused everything else that day, and in the evening I refused any offers of food put in my way. It feels so good to say that... I feel in control again.

So my goal hasn¡¦t changed for Christmas, and if anything, I¡¦m more determined ¡V Lose 14lbs by December 23rd. And do you know what I say??? Bring it on!!!

Love and hugs to everyone

Kat x

P.S - A hat I brought on one of my days out with Dad and his GF. Welsh hat and goofy smile, perfect!

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    Sounds like you already have a lot of great advice! Good luck!
    3581 days ago
    I share your pain. The family can really get you off track. I went through it this weekend. So glad you had the self-control to get right back on the wagon.

    emoticon emoticon
    3581 days ago
    When you go to your dad's house bring your own food. Start stock piling healthy, instant meals and snacks starting around April or May so you have things to bring with you. Before you go look up online the different markets they have and what their hours are so you can plan to have a shopping trip or two during your stay that won't conflict with your dad's fun plans for you. If you cook your own meals and bring your own things you can eat alongside them and still have together time while eating healthy because nothing says you have to eat the same thing they do. I would let your dad know about this first so he won't plan to buy eaxtra things and also in case he might be offended if you just pring it on him when you get there. The best thing is if you do plan like this and eat and be healthy then you can totally afford those one or two times going out that you can just blow your calories and have fun.

    Good luck and I'm sure you'll have so much fun!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3581 days ago
    There is nothing like a parent that says the word "healthy" with derision. My Mom does it when associated with snacks - HEALTHY snacks~ My DH and I joke about it with each other. Anything with a positive adjective we say with that taken aback tone. It has created some great laughs.
    3582 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7488603
    Have you checked out some of the recipes on SP. Some of them look and taste decadent but are actually really healthy. It is kinda like those recipes where you sneak veggies into foods that kids like. Maybe you can trick dad and the GF into eating healthy. What they don't know may make them healthy. Great Job on the control and standing your ground. Blaze On!!!!
    3582 days ago
  • -POOKIE-
    Its so hard when people around you are not eating as you want, I know its my downfall.
    3582 days ago
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