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Thursday, October 13, 2011


I KNOW....I've been absent for a while now. I really haven't had anything important to tell you lately, but I just had to share this excursion from yesterday with you this a.m. I am still excited and in awe.

Since it was simply a gorgeous day, Art and I loaded our bikes and took to a new trail. The weather was perfect and we were both in such a good mood to go the distance. We usually don't get off our bikes often making the trip there and back in one fell swoop, but yesterday was different. We stopped at the dam and walked down closer. These are the stairs we had to climb up and down to do that. Nice additional little workout. They went on for a long way and there were about a jillion of them.

Then we headed back on the trail and I had the strongest urge to stop on the bridge and then to climb down a steep embankment. The terrain was rough going and Art pleaded for me not to go down to the ledge onto a huge boulder that jutted out over the river. What made me do such a thing is beyond me. Those who have known me a long time do know that I tend to be somewhat impulsive and adventurous. Haha....
Here is a picture of the boulder I sat on and found the FACE OF JESUS that had been put there many, many years ago.
It wasn't scratched in the rock but sort of molded into the rock. It was the same color.. worn with rounded edges from age and from the weather. I stood above this image on this huge boulder in awe taking pictures with my cell phone. Here are a couple.

I yelled up to Art, waiting for me on the bridge, and he looked at me as if I was crazy. Was he surprised when he viewed the images! We are going back and I'm going to video the trek back down to the boulder. The picture/ sculpture was right in front of where I'm sitting. My day was then full of prayer and thankfulness. I was supposed to see it and I felt overwhelmed and in touch with God.
Many strange coincidences have happened in my life, but this was a very special day. God touches us in many ways and we must always follow our gut and listen....listen to our heart, to our soul. With all we have to think about and contend with, we have to stop and listen....stay in tune with nature and what is all around us....speaking to us in small, unique ways. IT WAS A GOOD DAY!
BLESSINGS TO YOU....AND YOURS. I pray that you, too, can turn a great day into a glorious one!
xo MaryAnn

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