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A little stress creating alot of anxiety! Any tips for building a mans immune system?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

So I have been stressed this month, mostly this week and its really wearing on the young ticker I think! I have to assume its anxiety, my heart is just racing and my chest hurts and I get worried and stressed and confused and then wonder why the heck I even am? You know? Sound familiar! Anyways so far, I am just trying to control imt in the evenings by a calming neo citran lol helps me shut the brain off and I have been sick. The whole house has been sick, so much to do, seven kids in the house this past week, 5 adults, just a busy household! Which, dont get me wrong makes me happy but just of course makes for me being out of my norm. I love my family to pieces and everyone got along great so thats not it, its my man that is young, only 32 and very sick. He keeps getting sick and because he is so young I worry about when he is older. So I am on him to take multi vitamins and everything I can.

Any tips on building a mans immune system? I have bought him multivitamins just a generic brand, he eats very healthy, eats fruit and veggies and soup and then healthy variety of dinners I make and obviously sometimes we eat unhealthy, like pizza etc. Anyways he has had lung issues since he was a kid that his parents didnt get a handle on when he was young, aparantly something that could have been helped, he has been on every different med, penicyllin you name it. Five years ago diagnosed with a bad bad case of pneumonia and then just recently almost got the pneumonia again after his friend blew Dust into a closed room for nothing for him to inhale but that..on top of it there is a nasty cold going around so he got double trouble. He is on the mend but I need to keep him healthy! Help! Any tips please HELP! lol I will use your tips and pass them on to him.
He has cut back on dairy and gluten a little. He smokes marijuana and has recently quit because he feels in his heart of hearts that is not a good contributor (obviously) He doesnt drink any more, sometimes on weekends. He used to drink beer pretty regular but not now. Anyways He is the most sweetest, amazing, loving husband and father and I hate seeing him like this and to be honest, of course its a hit to the financial stress added to it being that I am a stay at home mom and he runs his own business and in a partnership. Basically, if he isnt working, he is not making money! aaaah! We will get through the hump though and I know he can make it back fast enough. Its just stressful in the now, I am being as positive as I can be.

I hope that everyone is doing well! Sorry this is more of a downer blog but please feel free to share your tips or stories!

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    Oh wow! You are all SO extremely great and caring! I will thank each of you individually and give an update or let u know of my update when its not so late! :) I came back on spark after a long while! I think this was my last blog posted and its been quite some time! Your comments and advice mean SOOOO Much I wish I had come on and seen them then!

    NOW, we are doing well :) My stress and anxiety is gonzo! gonzo! GONZO! yup! hehe :) I think it was just a mix of a bunch of things and me not being able to handle life stresses very easily at the time, which is suprising for me actually. I am happy to say I can breath sighs of relief while typing this for both of us! :)

    My DH :) has found an amazing respiratory doctor that is treating him as though he has asthma, so the steroid and inhaler comment was absolutely correct! All though, he has had them in the past not the right ones and so far things seem to be going good. Our lil guy who is two ended up at sick kids on Christmas day, second time in nine months and we have discovered that its most likely also because of asthma. They are treating them both that way anyways. Not to mention as per another comment that he does work in an environment with irritants so that wasnt helping. Well, he did..he is actually in a much better environment since, thankfully and knock on wood has been mostly quite healthy. I went out and bought us a mega swack of different vitamins after some research on which are good for men and women and different things of course and we have been doing that! So mostly good news to report, just keeping on keepin on and going to Docs when necessary! Also as an update everything I said he had quit before he still has! very proud of him. He says he is way happier without it too and isnt bothered when others smoke in front of him etc.. Drinking is cut alot and that is also very good! However, I say that on the 31st of December :) tonight we will both let loose a little as we host a new years party! As per the handwashing etc.. I totally hear ya and so true with most guys, funny enough for a guy he is actually very focused on hygiene and smelling good and all that.. like seriously you dont go in the air freshener Aisle, deodorant aisle or fabric softener aisle with him unless you have some time to spare! haha! its cute..unless I am in a hurry or just being bitchy right? hehe! Thanks for the pic compliment and all of your kind words everyone! :)

    I agree that keeping our spirits up and away from depression etc is majorly helpful, which seems to be all good in his world as well right now and in both of our worlds.

    With all that being said, I truly hope you guys are all doing well and if you ever need support with anything..just holler! Once again thanks SO MUCH EVERYONE! HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3426 days ago
    I don't know how to boost the immune system but I am asthmatic and have acid reflux issues and my immune system has been awful since I was a kid.

    I take multi-vitamins, try to eat as much in the way of green leafy veggies (spinach and kale are good), I also try to keep the red meats to 3-4 oz. and only eat them at most 2 days a week. I don't know if your husband fishes in what little leisure time he may have (I know how much running your own business can suck up any time off). If it is possible try sleeping at 7 hours (8-9 might be better but if he is getting less than 7 that could also be affecting things). When he gets sick I would suggest sleeping even more (I got sick a few weeks ago with chest infection and laryngitis and took off half of Thursday and the Friday and I think I slept for about 30 hours of that time off).

    If you have a family doctor I'd suggest asking to have tests run to see if his lung issues require some type of daily inhaler (I hated taking the inhaled steroids but for a while due to working in a very dusty environment it was the only thing that kept my airways open and functioning).

    Good luck and I hope you are able to find a solution.
    3494 days ago
  • TOOBUSY035
    Have you ever seen the documentary, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead? It is available on netflix streaming and well worth the time. The bottom line is that the food we eat is killing us and what we can do to about it. After viewing the movie please consult your husbands doctor.
    My husband is sick often as well, asthma and upper respiratory infections, indigestion issues etc... We have been together for 22 years and I am a broken record. It is frustrating! I have seen a slight improvment in his eating habits over the past few years but nothing significant.
    Good Luck
    3494 days ago
    Plug the greens girl! It's superfood....raw is best but cooked will do. Congrats on him quitting smoking and staying away from dairy and gluten as much as he can.

    Also, depression/attitude/stress affects your immune system hugely. If he is aware of that he might be like me and view all stress as something to steer well and clear away from. Also depression...I actively Chose to let it go because I know what it does to my immune system. (as you know I have immune system issues too). I am always looking to laugh, rent comedy movies, watch funny shows...always looking to keep my frame of mind upbeat and happy and positive thoughts. ...almost Solely to avoid depressing my immune system. So basically I am saying he needs to avoid all things negative and stay up....re immune system strength. I think it plays a bigger role than diet actually. ...although your diet can affect your attitude too, so, lol.
    3495 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7778582
    I agree with the previous poster. Have you and/or your husband been to a doctor yet? Does your husband sleep okay? I'm wondering if there is a sleep apnea like problem going on, lack of sleep can weigh heavily on your immune system. How about drinking water? Washing hands? I know that's obvious, but sometimes men have the tendency to forget on occasion, and with a weak system already in place, that's not an area to skimp on. Given the history you gave for your DH, has he been for a stress test before?
    Now, with all that said, you need some TLC as well sweetie! I hope that you feel better and are able to get into a doc to see what is going on with the BOTH of you! *hugs*
    3495 days ago
    Love your pic, what a cute couple! Always, first thing is to discuss all concerns with his doctor! Does your DH have a doctor that can spend some time with both of you? Ask him what form of exercise is best for DH.

    Your DH has made some very good decisions to cut back on beer (doesn't have to give it up completely, but one beer each night is more healthy than a weekend binge), and giving up the ganga which might contain who knows what! and certainly was a lung irritant!

    Now for you! Have you discussed this racing, pounding heart feeling with your doctor? It won't do your DH one bit of good if you don't take care of your self too!


    PS. Make sure you both get plenty of emoticon and emoticon
    3496 days ago
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