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I came, I ran, I finished...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

My first half is in the record books! I am so beyond excited. Running a half is something that I have thought about for a while, but never actually thought I could do…after all – I should run a 10K or something before a half…Well July 2010 put the 10K question to rest, so all I had to do was plan for a half…Yeah – easier said than done.

I also thought about the fact that I am SLOW!!! I mean really SLOW. I didn’t want to do a half and finish is over 3 hours..nope – that would not be good….so I let it nag in the back of my mind.

I ran the 4th of July 10K again in July, and then went on a vacation that I ran on a lot –with LOTS of big big steep hills….my longest run was a 10K and I was fully of confidence….so that nag got stronger.

About that time I realized that 2 of my Spark Buddies were running their 1st halves in 2011 as well…so now the nag become a little glimmer…..and low and behold my brother suggested a half to me…so I bit.

Today was the day. I was nervous and excited and anxious….I got up at 6:15, and left the house by 7 to get to my brother’s house so we could get to the race by 9AM, so we could get our stuff, use the port-o-pots and not feel too rushed. I was a little upset that the long sleeve technical shirts were gone, and we registered well in time to get one – but once I saw our runner up consolation t-shirt – sponsored by Life Is Good, all was forgiven. It is a soft t-shirt with the life is good Jake on it…..

So now it is go time…..we took a pre-race photo – because we thought we would look good then…and off to the start line.

They didn’t have any type of organization – so we waited on a sidewalk for an opening and jumped right in. I decided before the start that I was going to go with my 6/1 intervals, right from the get go to not die too quick….well – that didn’t happen. I was still in a tight pod at 6 minutes, and I didn’t want to be the one to walk, so I kept on trucking……I reached 1 mile at the 9:55 mark – I was feeling good and keeping up with my “rabbit” – I had picked a lady that seemed to have my cadence and was following. A strange thing happened then….an ambulance started pulling up the course, driving down the middle of the race, forcing us to either side of the road in a tight strip of people….pacing shot, can’t walk – because of the pacing and spacing issues…..it took 4 minutes for the ambulance to pass – it was the strangest thing. I started my 6/1’s at about 2 miles. I don’t know what my split was, and I didn’t really care at this point – I was just running feeling good…..kept on that 6/1 pace, and then another freaking car. This half had some relay stuff going on and a relay vehicle needed to get through….UGH……

I did grab water or Gatorade at every stop they had….2,4,6,8,10……I am susceptible to migraines w/ dehydration and didn’t want that! I kept trying to remember to take in the scenery as the race was in a beautiful town with lots of old gorgeous homes, and we crossed over a ton of bridges over water with the most amazing fall colors. I don’t remember miles 5.5 until about 8….I just did my thing – I had some newer music on my ipod there and I was have just rocked out to Kid Rock, Eminem and some of the newer top 40 stuff……I hit the 8 mile mark at 1:25 ish….I thought I was doing great, and I kept on running…then I passed a mile marker that said 8….and my ipod said 8.7….UH OH….something strange….but just keep going.

It was about here that I dropped to 5/1 intervals, and did that to mile 10 – then went to 4/1……I still had my rabbit at this point – but she was pulling away – that was OK – only 3 miles left – or was it 4…..who knew because not once on the course did they have a pace clock and they only had random mile markers…..I didn’t see one again until 12….and my ipod said 13.7….WHAT……I should be DONE.

Here it fell apart – I was mentally stressed due to the differences in ipod to race and my knee HURT. I managed to get very far, but that last 1.1 mile took me 20 minutes…I had to walk too much.

In the end my ipod said 2:43:44, although the race said 2:45….so I don’t know….all I care about is that I finished, I am standing here at 9:45 feeling great, tired and a little tight, but all in all it was a success. My ipod said I ran 14.33 miles...so....I have to get my map software out and see what happened.....cuz the last mile just about killed me, and if they measured wrong - I would have finished in under 2:30!

My brother and I took a post race photo with my niece, and honestly – I look better than the pre race….YEAH…..

A huge shout to Janelle and Amy who ran their race today as well. Those 2 ladies that inspired me to finally just do it – did it on the same day!!! Way to go ladies.

I’ve been asked if I’d do another half. I don’t know – I think the 10K is more my speed. I can use 8 or 9 miles as a long run to get ready – and know that I have what it takes to do it. Trying to work training into my crazy life has been tough, and I really don’t know if my knees like anything over 8 too much. They have been angry ever since I started doing the big miles….but never say never…..

Oh Yeah, I won't be wearing my finishers "medal" around....it was one of the funniest things about the race....the ribbon was green and white striped and attached to it was a yo-yo...Yep, that's my medal. I will have to take a picture of it....You might be able to see it on my niece....

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