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Adventures of a glass of water & my over active brain

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

8:30 am: I decide I need a glass of ice water, so I go down stairs to the kitchen & get a glass of water, set it on the counter & get distracted.
10:00 am: decide a cup of coffee sounds good. I go down to warm up a cup of coffee, see the glass of water on the counter & giggle, because I forgot about it.
11:30: go to the kitchen to get a snack of nuts, see the glass of water, take a sip & think that I will take it up with me. Forget the glass of water
1:30: finish my workout & realize, I really need that glass of water, go down, take a sip, bring the glass up stairs, but I get distracted, set down the glass of water on the book shelf.
1:45: remember the glass of water, get up to get it, but AGAIN get distracted & walk BY the glass of water & forget about it.
1:55: reach for the glass of water...but, remember it is STILL in the hallway! Finally, get up & get the glass of water.
2:10: finish the glass of water!
Thank God I can laugh about this, otherwise, it would just be SAD!
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