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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

I have a gazillion topics floating around my brain, and each one could be a blog:

Distress when I read of the extremes people go to, to eat healthy, spending exorbitant $$ to do it, when they can't even pay their rent. My hub.'s point of view is, it's understandable, if they see their health as a wiser investment than their rent. (food does come first in the list)

The particular person I'm thinking of was a student, who was posting on SP 2 years ago.

I'm on a great tiny Sparkteam, where I can talk about all this (Grain Free), but I suppose blogging might be more appropriate. The same student, 2 years ago, wrote that she planned to soak all grains for 10 hours before cooking, to reduce phytic acid. . . . that seemed outrageously dire to me.

I confuse 2 people all the time: Dr. Mercola and Weston Price. Mercola is an alarmist and a scammer, and Weston Price's ideas are moving to the forefront . Even Dr. Mercola makes sense sometimes, and Weston Price has seemed "way out" to me. No one gets it all right.

Some of the "trees" that make me lose sight of the "forest:" advanced glycation end products, or A.G.E.'s; nitrates/nitrites in processed meats (bacon, bacon, bacon) but they're in our vegetables, too so WT____?; that thing in potato chips and many foods, that caused alarm a fews years back (oh, yes - acrylamide); the omega 6:3 ratio;

. . . .disagreement over which has the larger carbon footprint: traditional beef or grass-fed. I do pay attention to environmental concerns. Any kind of beef has a carbon footprint way, way greater than everything else to eat, except lamb. (will post this when I can).

IF I had a condition that required me to eat a certain way, that would take priority and I wouldn't be so "all over the place" in my views. But, I have accepted that this is how I am - forever the skeptic, the questioner.

When it all gets to be too much, I have found, if you post in the SP nutrition message board, an expert will give you the current mainstream viewpoint. Sometimes I ask for that. But usually, I'll be out on the fringe, because that's where tomorrow's truth is, if you can find it!

emoticon "Productive Procrastination" (You should see what I'm avoiding!)

The Procrastination Equation, by Piers Steel, PhD
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    I can so relate to the expense of food. Food is a necessity and should be cheaper. A large part of my budget is food as it is important to my health to eat right. I have medical conditions that make it imperative. It would be much cheaper to just be able to fill up with cheap bread and pasta but comas and E.R.s are expensive. LOL. People like us can't eat cheap grains. So I think your hubby is pretty perceptive for a man. As we know men are often cheap so you must have gotten a good one. LOL. You are very clever as well.

    I can't stand Dr. Mercola. He is a kook. He is right on some things though, like you said, but I would imagine everyone is.

    I tend to think the problem is too many junky carbs and I will have a hard time getting past that because you can prove it to yourself with your own labs. n

    3472 days ago
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    Being questioning and skeptical is a good thing. If it weren't for that we would all be like robots and not be open to new ideas... like "the world is round".

    No matter what your "stand" is on anything you will find a host of "experts" in every field who will persuasively argue the point on both sides, so it's good to take a step back and filter out what is relevant to your life, and what rings true to you and then let the rest go whilst still keeping an open mind to new information.

    Remember X Files... "Trust No One!" emoticon
    3514 days ago
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