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BLC- Success Blogs (Friday- Monday)

Friday, November 04, 2011

Successful. What does this mean? How is it measured?

So for this BLC challenge we have to blog about success. We are to do this for four days..... not an easy thing to do. So I'll just do this in a single blog- each day add to this blog. Since we are on BLC I'll focus on weight loss success :

Tracking your food- This is one of the keys to success in weight loss. It can be tedious. I struggled in the beginning. Grumbled as I searched for one item on the list and then had to figure out what they were in terms of ounces or measurements. How on earth do I know what an ounce of cake is equal to???!! (Yes, I do eat cake on occasion, yes it too gets tracked
emoticon) I have gotten better at it and in all honesty this has been KEY to losing weight for me. The good, the bad and the ugly-----it ALL gets logged in

You must move. The best way to lose weight is of course by adding exercise. I tried to love the treadmill as I see all of these fit people jump on there and as I sneaked peeks at their machines, there they were racking up mile after mile. I jumped on too! I wanted to rack up mile after mile! My body did not cooperate. In fact it rebelled. What was this? What was going on? I struggled, huffed and puffed and completed my goal each day. Each day would get back on to the torture wheel. An affectionate pet name for the treadmill. This is when I realized- find what is fun for YOU---if it ain't fun I ain't doing it. Test different classes at the gym, test different instructors, try new dvd's- you WILL find something you enjoy doing. You will stick to it!!

Bring on the freggies. Staying within calorie range, working out but not seeing much of a result? Bring on the freggies!! It does make a difference! In BLC I learned to add a rainbow each day. A fruit or veggie of each color, red, blue, green, white/yellow and an orange one. Not as easy as it sounds but when I do- the rewards are fast in coming! Give it a try.

Have a treat once in a while. It is ok. Just because you are trying to get a healthier lifestyle doesn't mean you cannot have 1 cookie. It does mean you cannot (shouldn't) have the whole box! All good things in moderation:)

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