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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Yep - that's me....in a slump. Although I'm not sure if it is a slump, or just slightly overwhelmed from life the last couple of weeks.

Today marks the 2nd week of having a puppy in our lives. while I knew that this dog was going to be mine to care for - honestly - I expected a little more interest from the boys (all of them) then I am getting....My 10 year old has been great - most of the time - but the other one and the hubster...well - not as much.....so I am on puppy duty a LOT.....he is an absolute dream! I love him to pieces and so does Drew....as you can see.

However, I am struggling to get ANYTHING done....

I don't know if I mentioned that Jake, my oldest rebroke his collar bone - so that has been a couple of doctors appointments thrown in ....he broke it the first time on Sept. 1st...so it was almost 2 months to the day. He had been given the all clear to resume activity - so we didn't rush back - but it stinks that he is now on the hockey sidelines until January.....

So - here I am ...I did manage to FINALLY do my Trick or Treat Virtual 5K today - and it was a strange run.....it is the first time I have run since the 1/2 and I have to say it felt like I was using someone elses legs....mine felt strong and fast, and I haven't felt that way before.

That was good incentive to keep it up though- because this week the scale was not a good place to visit - I gained 2 pounds. I am not shocked, surprised or angry - in fact I expected it last week prior to TOM arriving...but nope - this week - so don't know if those 2 are here to stay or not - they should be here to stay because my eating has been crappy...and I haven't managed to find the right wagon to jump back on....

Speaking of TOM....this week was the one -and sometimes it's OK - sometimes not (TMI Time - I take a BC pill that allows only 4 TOM's a year...) so it's like a 3 month vacation...Well - this time - he let me know he was here....MIGRAINE city - I haven't had a migraine in almost a year....well one that I had to talk about anyway - this one started Tuesday and today is the first day without it.....it wasn't sending me to bed - but it was there right behind my left eye - throbbing ALL DAY....YUCK....so I think that is what has kept me in the funk.

So today - I ran....tomorrow I want to run, and think I should be able to find the time.....I will also be helping hubster split and chop wood for our new wood fireplace to keep our $ out of the gas man's pockets.....

I just need to get back with it.....I need to go back to what I was doing in January - those small mini DVD's on Spark, inbetween #1 and #2 going to school....and then getting a larger workout done on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday......I am going to try and keep running on the street - usually this time of year I hit the mill - but I'm not ready - I did OK today with the 40' temp...I over dressed and had to stop to take off the long sleeve shirt I had on - although my gloves stayed on the whole time......

I also have to get back to just running and not worrying about how fast I am running - I am in this running racket for the exercise not the speed.

Hi to all of my Spark Friends, I have been Spark Absent the last two weeks.....I am sorry.....I am working on getting it all back together!!!!!
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    Adapting to life with another child is not easy...plus you just finished your 1/2 and training/planning for that was taking up so much of your time. You will get back into the groove. I hate that your son broke his collar bone again. I know your boys love hockey, so not being able to play is not good.

    I believe in you, Robyn!! emoticon
    3556 days ago
    You have been very busy.
    Krunch is so cute. I'm sure he's a handful, though.

    3557 days ago
    Awe, Krunch looks like he's wearing brown underwear (that patch on his bottom). He may not be a human baby, but he is a baby & the rest of the family is probably unconsciously thinking that since your the mommy, you should take care of him. And I'm sure Krunch knows your the mommy, too. And he always will. He'll be your dog. You'll be the one he goes to when he needs something. You will be the one he's devoted to. That's the upside.
    That's how my dog is. He comes to me when he's scared or if we wrestle, he'll bark & try to get whoever I'm wrestling with. It's kinda nice knowing that I'm his favorite. But then again, anytime he wants to eat or go outside, it's also mommy that he goes to.

    You'll get your groove back. Just fake it till it does.
    3558 days ago
    You do have lots on your plate, and that puppy is almost as bad as having a new baby! lol Like kids, they grow up fast...

    Glad you got the opportunity to run again. Gives you some time alone! And it can only help in the weight department. You've had ups and downs, so just hang on through the "up" times!
    3558 days ago
    3558 days ago
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