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Feeling down

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I am feeling terrible right now. My diet is depressing me and it makes me want to eat! I couldn't go for a walk today when I was getting antsy because it was like a snow covered haze outside. I tried reading but all I could think about was food... It's been not bad lately because I haven't been craving the fast food which was my hugest down fall but I'll see the potato salad in the fridge and want it do bad! Unfortunately I live with 3 other people that don't care to eat healthy all the time so there are temptations everywhere. So what do I do when I'm feeling like this? Maybe I am PMS'ing, that is possible, maybe this diet is making it worst! But seriously, I've been snappy all day, wanting to swear and throw things and cry. I haven't given up and I did give in to a temptation today but I worked that into my calories for the day so maybe it's okay. I just want to scream though...seriously! Day 4 is now done...what does day 5 have in store? emoticon
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    Determined_Soul, it's funny that you say this to me. I had a discussion with a friend last night and she was telling me the exact same thing. I know I have to start looking at it differently and that's probably 90% of the problem.
    Blue42Down, I do pride myself when I don't give into temptation. I know I do have to give in a little bit here and there though or like Determined_Soul said it will just lead to binging later which is what always happens.
    This is a major learning curve that I've been trying to tackle for 10 years now. It's going to be slow but it's got to be done. Thanks for your advices and encouragements. emoticon
    3545 days ago
    Try thinking of this as a healthy lifestyle change rather than a diet. If you are hungry, you need to eat. If something is extremely tempting, put a serving of it in a bowl or on a plate, then put the container away and enjoy. If you try to avoid foods and deny yourself them, you are going to end up eating more than you should when you finally do. It is better to satisfy a craving than wait days and binge. You can do this. You are doing great by reflecting on it.
    3545 days ago

    Some days are just like that - and it's never fun. At least you can look back on it with pride. You didn't given in, other than what you fit into your daily calorie recommendation. That is good. Given the temptations, that is VERY good.
    3545 days ago
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