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It makes me angry

Monday, December 05, 2011

that I've let me self get like this. I mean really mad because I know there is a skinny version of me in here somewhere and I'm gonna find her! There I feel better saying that. And it's true. I take full responsiblity for my weight and how I got to this. But, I am also taking responiblity for the fact that I'm doing something to change it.

*I can look in the mirror and see that my face is slimmer.
*I love my legs and I can't wait to see them when this part of the journey is complete
*my stomach is getting smaller! YAH! this is a big one for me right here
*I can walk my trail 4 times and wish I had time to do more before I was lucky to get one time around! (that's 6 miles right there!)
*I had a ham and cheese sandwich on white bread today and well frankly it tasted gross LOL! I guess this is what happens when you don't eat white bread for about a month
*I'm addicted to fruit now instead of sweets..I NEVER thought I'd break that habit though I do crave chocolate at times and allow myself some :)
*I'm full much fast today than I was 3 or 4 months ago
*I crave water...yep I said it ..i crave water
*I look forward to working out and get ansy when I can't.

I've also learned in this experience that surrounding yourself with positive people ups your chances of sucesss. If you haven't already time some time to look around this site. There are a ton of positive people on here!

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