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Saturday, December 31, 2011


So I was away from spark for a while, I have no idea why or even a real reason. I would be at the comp and think to go on spark but ventured other places instead. I forgot how much I missed it. According to my last Sparkpeople status update it was 67 days ago! weird! I just got busy and stressed and anxiety and as many excuses as possible to not focus on just me. NOW I am back with a vengeance!
I have really decided that I am too much of a people pleaser and its time to focus on me and not focus on pleasing others. Of course I am still a nice person (Sometimes) a couple times lately not so much..over the holidays there was an instance that I feel brought out the worst in me. But nothing I cant handle and if I want to change me for me then I am sure gonna do it!!! I have had so much more energy, confidence etc again. I actually lost six pounds over the holidays with travelling and stress etc.. didnt eat a whole lot but have gained atleast a couple of them back which is fine. I would prefer to lose them in a healthy fashion anyways!

So WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING THATS SO FUN!? Well I have an elliptical, that by the way I bought on sale last year for 200 bucks! so worth it!
I have always had an elliptical up until I moved so I didnt have one for about a year and a half and I noticed I really gained weight during that period of time looking back at pics. So I decided while looking through old pics, obviously the elliptical worked for me, whether I knew it or not at the time. It burns mega calories! I love it! AND while I am elliticizing I am watching my fave show Real housewives! I have decided to get ALL of the housewives haha new york, new jersey, beverly hills and other useless, drama filled fun shows like that to pass my time! I find I am cranking the elliptical up more and more to challenge myself and my body is feeling it! So I know thats good! This is my first week back at it..

Wish me luck!!! If I keep it up which I fully intend to do, I will add strength training in there too! I am going based on an online program that tells the best and fastest way to lose healthy with the elliptical and at home excercises! :)

I do have a question!!! Has anyone tried zantex 3?? I am not normally big on diet pills et c.. actually quite against them but this one I just have a feeling with..its weird. I have done alot of online research and read reviews and heard mostly nothing but good about them and I am planning also on a healthy eating and excercise routine so I am curious if anyone has tips! :) I have heard amazing results if on good regime. Apparantly alot of celebs swear by it (not that that means anything with the insane trainers they have, I know and chefs etc buuuuut I AM SOOOO tempted to get me started off)
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    Glad to see you back on SP and I hope that 2012 treats you well.

    Sounds like you are off to a great start with the elliptical (can't have one as I don't have enough room). I think you got your answer to the pill question so I won't bother repeating what the others have said.

    3421 days ago
    I'm glad you told us how much you like the eliptical! I have been thinking of getting one for a long time. Treadmill is definetely not for me, I have severe tendonitis in my heels!

    If diet pills worked we would all be thin, right?
    3421 days ago
    Thanks everyone I think I needed those encouraging words to stay away from the pills! Like I said I have always been against them, but its so easy to think how fabulous it would be to do something for a month to just get started! I think I will atleast do a colon cleanse I have never done them and I hear they work wonders. Thanks for letting me know about the zantex and all the other duds ;)
    3421 days ago
  • HEATHER1969
    Glad your back and Sparking it up! Here's to a most fabulous 2012!
    3423 days ago

    Congrats on making it back onto SP! Best wishes for your 2012 goals! You can do it!

    I did try the Zantex and it almost put my liver out of commission. Beware. Be very weary of it. It's not good for the body at all.
    3425 days ago
  • IILAAD65
    HI hon.. glad you are back with a vengeance!!

    Being an old lady of 46, who has tried diet pills and fad diets, I would recommend staying away from them. Honestly, do this on your own. When you stop taking those things, you gain weight back DOUBLE.

    Do it honestly, do it with good food choices and exercise. You're young with lots of energy and things to do and see. Do this for you the clean way.

    Looking forward to seeing your step counts. :)

    3425 days ago
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