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Day 74: Tired of the Emotional Roller Coaster

Thursday, March 15, 2012

When I'm doing good and exercising I FEEL good. When I don't I don't feel good. On Monday I messed my knee up again either with a strength training video, practicing soccer, or the combination of both. So for Tuesday and Wednesday I wasn't able to do much. Which had me depressed yesterday and today. Today i will walk one way or another. Even if I have to go as slow as a snail, I will walk. Apparently if I don't get the dreaded exercise in now I want to go jump off a bridge. How did this happen? And I know that I was/am having a bit of a flare to top it off thanks to getting too much sun. I've had fevers and headaches and blah, blah, blah. I've also been zapped of all energy probably from both flare and lack of exercise. I've also been feeling fat the last couple of days. I haven't felt like that since this whole journey started. Weird. I need to flush that out pronto. It's not going to help anything.
On the upside, the treadmill that has been moving like a snail across the US to get here will be here on Saturday. If that won't motivate and excite me I don't know what will. All I know is I NEED to shake these blues off NOW. They are not getting things done. And I need to get things done! Is it too early for a drink. I haven't had a nice cold Mike's Hard Lemonade in like a week. lol! Well I need to get ready to take these boys to the bus stop and put on my walking shoes. I will walk these blues off wether it kills me or not. If I don't blog tomorrow, you know it did. :P Off to beat the blues!!!

OH, AND I HATE feeling old! I HATE that my knees hurt like I'm old! I'm not old!! I wish I could go back and tell that stupid girl not to jump from that height that she'll land on her knee and it will bother her FOREVER!! Eeerrrr!

Ok, rant over.. I think. :)
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    Thank you guys so much! I went for my walk and did better than I thought I would be able to and felt way better afterwards. I also went and bought a few plants and planted them yesterday afternoon AFTER I also painted my front door a nice cheery yellow to help bring some sunshine in. :) I still feel a little underlying blues but I'm I'm in a fighting mood (in a good way) so hopefully they won't last long. :) I plan to walk again today and start prepping the veggie garden for some planting! :)
    3420 days ago
    Awwwww I wish I could heal your bum knee! Give it a stern talking to and see how it responds! My acupuncturist used to literally argue with my hands and feet IN CHINESE. I used to giggle...
    Hooray that the treadmill is at least headed your way. How ironic is this that a treadmill is taking forever to get some mileage???
    But stay positive. You gotta. You just have to. This WILL pass.

    And when it does, you will look back one day at this blog and laugh.

    3420 days ago
    I know that feeling. I prefer the "good" one, but boy do I have the "bad" ones too. Sometimes, I don't even know why?

    I hope we both get off the emotional ride, soon! I'm getting dizzy emoticon

    3420 days ago
    I find if I don't exercise I just want to climb the walls. I am so thankful for my treadmill! You will just love yours when you get it!
    3420 days ago
    As long as you stay with it and do something, you'll have kicked those blues in no time!

    I can relate with the knee problems as I had knee repair surgery (had my ACL replaced & my MCL repaired) so I know what you're going through. Something that's helped me is my dr that performed my surgery recommended that I take glucosomine Chondroitin w/MSM and it helps with the pain and flare ups. When I over do it, Aleve is a good back up plan. Hope this helps and stick with it!
    3420 days ago
    You can kick those blues to the curb!! Hope you have a nice relaxing walk and come back refreshed. Yesterday was so nice I sat on my porch and had a pink lemonade Mikes. Don't worry, I worked it into my calories.
    3420 days ago
    I just did some ST this morning, and I can feel it in my knee, so you aren't alone. As long as you don't mess up your knee further, I think walking is a great way to stay motivated, happy, and on track. Just be careful. Try taking some medicine if you haven't already. Just keep eating healthy, drinking your water, and doing the best you can with exercising. You will be back on track in no time!

    3421 days ago
    Exercise WILL help those blues! Get to walking, woman! emoticon
    3421 days ago
    I know the feeling Sara. My knees are swollen from Zumba. I've been pushing myself because it feels good at the time, then I pay for it later. Zumba is my source of happiness, stress release, and comfort.I have never been able to ever say that about exercise. I will push through it and take advil and hopefully as more weight comes off, the less it will hurt.

    The blues suck, plain and simple. Sometimes it feels like guilt more than blues if I don't do some sort of exercise on days I don't go to Zumba... as for feeling fat, I felt that way last week. I didn't feel like I lost any weight even though I did everything I could do to lose. I think I'm terrified of getting to a plateau. I did lose and felt better about it, but sometimes it is hard to push the fat thoughts away when I look down and see the rolls. That is when I look at all the positive post-its that I constantly have in front of me to remind me that I am beautiful, no matter what size I am now. I know I feel better than I ever have, so I guess that counts for something.

    I hope you enjoy your day and are able to get some walking in without too much pain!
    3421 days ago
    I hate that feeling! When did that happen? I find myself getting angry easier if I don't exercise. I'm singing Shake It Off by Florence & the Machine for you, it always works for me. Could be that I tend to sing it really loud & obnoxiuosly while throwing my body around.
    3421 days ago
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