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Day 75: Let me tell you about a girl who joined SparkPeople...

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Friday, March 16, 2012

There once was a girl who got on the scale one morning after having avoiding it for a while, only passing by it with a sly glance and telling it to stop looking at her that way. When she finally gave in and stepped on the scale her eyes opened to the fact that she HAD to do something. She saw the number she had only seen once before when she was 9 months pregnant 7 years ago. You can only blame baby weight for so long. She knew when enough was enough.
She remembered she had signed up for SparkPeople awhile back and so maybe it was time she gave it another try. This time would be different. This time she would really try. She signed in and reevaluated her situation and what she needed to do. She decided to try the things she snubbed the last time she was on there. She started tracking her food, tracking her fitness, and started blogging daily to get all of those crazy thoughts out of her head. She started reading articles and even started reading The Spark that she had bought over a year earlier and never read. She joined Spark Teams and made Spark friends. And she saw it was making a difference. She saw she was losing the weight, yes, but she also saw her spark coming back into her life. She saw her light beginning to shine again. She saw how much she had started to depend on Sparkpeople as a daily.. hope. Yes.. TO HER.. Sparkpeople=Hope. Everyday she would come onto Sparkpeople to renew her hope, her spark. She would blog to renew her mind and connect with her Spark friends to renew her spirit. She would seek comfort and support from others, not only from their words to her, but also just from seeing them grow in their journeys. She would persevere with others with team challenges, with several members striving towards one goal. She would feel like she was not alone. She would feel connected somehow, loved somehow, understood somehow. She would feel their hope as much as her own, and that would make a difference. To her Sparkpeople, and the people within that make Sparkpeople what it is, makes a difference. She continues to grow today and everyday. She still has a long road ahead of her but it just doesn't seem quite so steep as it did before she found her what she needed in Sparkpeople, because she knows that when it starts to feel overwhelming she can turn here and get it all out and find the support and comfort and motivation she needs to take the next step. She knows she is not alone and she is so thankful. She is so thankful. Today is a new day and she plans to make the most of it knowing her Spark friends are behind her.

To you she sends her love and her gratitude. You are helping her light shine. You are helping her to keep moving forward. You are reminding her to keep smiling.. even on tough days..to keep smiling.


"The really great make you feel that you, too, can become great."
– Mark Twain
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