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Sorry I haven't blogged for a while, and now I'm in pain

Monday, March 19, 2012

It’s been a while hasn’t it? I know, it’s my fault that we haven’t spoken for a while, but I hope this blog explains it all.

Firstly I’ve got a job!!! It’s until the end of March being a data in-putter for one of the Pathology labs in a local hospital, but it has been fantastic. I have met some great people, who have been wonderfully supportive. It was a huge ask for them to take on someone who had been unemployed for essentially 2 years. But, I have loved every moment of it, and I will be really sad to leave. The other plus is that it’s helped reduce my credit card bill (I’m hoping to pay it all off, which I have been dreaming about since before I left University). However there is one drawback... my weightloss.

One thing I hadn’t anticipated was my colleagues ALL loving sweets and they ALL, but two, bake cakes. Honestly, no word of a lie. I’ve generally been good and not had anything, but by the end of the week or a long day, I’m snacking. Or on a Friday (which is my takeout/no calorie counting night off) I’m going crazy and eating everything I can. Fast forward 7 days, and going to the gym to get rid of what I did wrong, I’m maintaining my weight and not losing. It is my fault I know, no-one can be blamed for what I’m doing. I just have to get out of that mentality. On the plus side, I’m still going to the gym 3 days a week... Until last week that is...

I’ve got terrific back pain. It started last Wednesday, and I thought I’d go to the gym to do some light work and release any tension in my muscles. I wake up Thursday hardly able to move! I went to work and got through the day (again, my work mates are AMAZING!), but I ended up in A&E (Mum ordered me) just to have a check as I have a diagnosed vertebrae/back problem anyway. They send me home with painkillers saying what I thought, just a bad back. I go to bed with some tramadol in my system and wake up Friday with my back is a little looser (Yay)... then the pain kicks in, by the end of work I’m walking slow and bent over like an old crone and I have shooting pains down my right leg. It’s now Monday (I’m off work with a tummy bug) and the pain is pretty intense. I can hardly move, and to be honest I don’t know what to do. I now know it’s a pinched nerve, but I have no idea how to relieve the pain.

So this means no gym. I’ve youtubed stretches etc for me to do, but I’m wondering if anyone has any ideas/websites I can look at. Also, I know it will happen again, but what can I do to reduce the risk of this happening in the future?

There you have it. I’m trying to realign my motivation and get back into a strong, and focused mind frame, but now with my back it has set me ‘back’ (lol) a few paces. My weight has been up and down more times than your average elevator! But, like I said, I’m hoping to regain my groove. My goal this year in all honesty is to lose 28lbs. If I can do that, I will be well proud of myself! Oh and I can now run 10mins straight on the treadmill, and do 20 mins running with a break! SCORE!

Love and hugs

Kat x x x

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    emoticon emoticon
    3414 days ago
  • -POOKIE-
    Well thats great news on the job, but bad that they have the snacks about too much.

    Perhaps you can find some pride in the fact you have maintained and not gained... which would have been very easy to have done.

    No idea about the nerve problem x sorry x
    3415 days ago
    Oh I forgot, at PT they had me put ice on it. It's hard because the cold is uncomfortable but it felt better when they took the ice off after about 10 mins. They said at home to do alternate ice then heat. I hope that helps.

    3415 days ago
    I'm so sorry to hear how things have been going. With that pinched nerve, if you go to physical therapy they will show you some exercises that will give you some relief. That tramadol is a bad medicine and it make me completely sick to my stomach, I was throwing up and ended up in the ER. So when you mentioned a stomach bug I was like..oh no I hope its not the tramadol. I find that a muscle relaxer works much better for my pinched nerve than pain meds.

    I wish you the best in feeling better and once you do, I am sure you will get your eating and exercise back on track.
    3415 days ago
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